Friday, February 8, 2013

Cowl Scarf- use up those fat quarters!

Are you a scarf hoarder like I am?  Do you have more scarfs than shirts?  I may or may not have more scarfs than skirts, and earrings...and pairs of shoes.  I know.  They are just so great to change the same old boring t shirt, and if your like me, you have about 10 of the boyfriend pocket t's from Target.  Yeah, I hoard those and fantastic!
So since we are all on this scarf kick this season, why not make one out of a bunch of fat quarters you got layin around, huh?  Usually I have the Cotton Jersey Knit kind, or a the crochet kind, but not a regular quilters cotton kind.  Don't be fooled, it is light and soft still.  Especially if you have high quality fabric.  
A while ago I bought an awesome fat quarter bundle of  15 Amy Butler designs.  I have so many uses for these little nuggets that I wouldn't use a whole yard of.  It was fun.  I have a few left, but not in the mood to make anything baby with them.  I know right?  Baby Night Night Boutique is a Infant and Children's Boutique.  But I have a HUGE announcement.  I am expanding to the Mothers needs/wants. (which ever you would like to categorize it by :0) )  I am adding Maxi Skirts that have that special Yoga Style waist so you can wear it even while you are growing that sweet baby in your tummy, Along with my New Nursing covers that double as a shirt and scarf. Along with Nursery accessories such as swaddling blankets and crib sheets.  All coming very soon!  
Anyway, back to making things for me...and finally for once not my kids.  I am in the process of still losing the baby weight and have lost 25 lbs YAY for me. . sorry I had to toot my own horn cause it has been a very long, stressful, hormonal, depressing journey and now all the hard work is paying off.  Not ready to buy  too many new clothes yet, but I am DEFINITELY getting sick of my old ones.  So I turn to accessories!!
So do you have a bunch of fabric your sick of looking at?  Maybe its been just sitting there for a long time?  Dont' worry, this is an easy project that is so great and fashionable even the babies of the sewing world can do it!  I like it too cause the fabrics I chose don't match necessarily   I am not a matchy matchy person, the more different, the better I say.  Other wise I think of my mom walking into the room with that old lady denim out fit if pants and matching denim shirt with some kind of crazy beading design on the "lapel"  I love you mommy!!

Ok here is what you will need:
6 fat quarters, or whatever fabric you need.  I think that is equivalent to 1 1/2 yards?  I am not a math person.
Sewing machine

Start by laying out your fabric the way you want it.

sew one row together sewing the short ends right sides together to make one long strip.  Repeat with the other, then lay the two strips together right sides together

Pin all the way around, This is probably the longest step.

Leave and opening wide enough that you will be able to pull all the fabric through right side out.

Everything sewn together.

turn right side out and make sure all the corners are out nicely.

Iron the edges.  I am sure you can skip this step just fine if you want the scarf more full.

Fold in half meeting the two short ends.

sew a top stitch that will also sew the opening shut.

See all those colors?  You can reverser this scarf so they are all prominent and have their turn to shine each time you wear it!  Thats what I call a scarf!

If you have any ideas on what I can call my new mommy line in the shop Please leave a comment!  


  1. What a wonderful idea to use up those leftovers! Thanks for the how-to!

  2. Just made this in an evening, after not sewing for about well, 30 years. Love it!

  3. Adorable scarf, tutorial, pics and fun way of writing.

  4. My friend and I made these for a high school FACS class and we love how they turned out. Great tutorial!

  5. Decent idea, but the writing/proofreading is lacking a bit. The plural form of scarf is scarves, not scarfs. When a word starts with a vowel, please use 'an' not just 'a' in front of it. Please be clear and concise with your instructions. We don't all need to know how to use an oar in a boat, but they still have "This side goes in the water" printed on them. There is a large difference between well written blogs, which have a high volume of readers, to a poorly written blog, with low stats.

  6. No ones perfect don't take Sumer comment to heart. I see she has a lot of bitterness and seems to be attacking others. I think your post is well thought out and very well done. Thanks for sharing and I think I will be able to make an infinity scarf.