Friday, January 20, 2012

A favorite beauty product

Now I am a huge fan of beauty makeup and hair. Always have been. Good thing I became a hairstylist. I have been experimentin with these fun things since I can remember. I had been caught by my mom trying on all her shades of lipstick and trying to not act guilty but my lipstick smeared shirt proved otherwise and I am sure timeout in the corner followed after with a smack on the bum. I would "get ready" with my big sisters when they would go out on dates. Then for the rest of the evenings I would do up and undo my hair curling and styling it in many different ways. Then starting in junior high I would help my friends with their hair and makeup and that continued to hghschool dances and even doing both my volleyball coaches hair and makeup corridor weddings. That's when my mom said that I should really think of cosmetology.

So I am always trying out new makeup products for my never-ending makeup changing phase. This new product is liquid eyeliner by Physicians formula eye booster. It has an eyelash serum in the liner to promote new lash growth plus you have great control with the wonderful tip. Creating beautiful distinct lines on your eyes. You can dine htis brand at Target. It is a hypo allergenic line great for sensitive skinned ladies. Enjoy!!!

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