Monday, June 30, 2014

What do I do with all my scraps?

That's one of my biggest concerns as a seamstress/crafter.  What DO I do with all those scraps?  There are those pieces of fabric that are too small to do anything major with, but they are too big to toss in the can, right?  I have bounced around with many things.  I have made burp cloths, appliques, fabric flowers, headbands and now even infant skirts and shorts.  But then there are still even more!  I love looking for ideas on our trusted Pinterest.  I scanned through my DIY Board HERE.  I forgot how many new ideas I had found over the past year or so.  So here are the ideas I find to be some of the coolest that really caught my eye when doing my search.  Some of which I have already started. 

Crazy Mom Quilts puts this sweet little quilt together with some cute scraps. I love that they are all different yet they compliment each other so well.
This pin didn't have a valid if you know who it belongs to please comment and tell me so I can link to them.  This is cute to get the kids involved.  Reuse some cardboard from that empty cereal box and cut out their initials.  Let them glue scraps of their choice on then once it dries, mom or dad can trim the edges off...maybe secure with a little mod podge? 
 Serving Pink Lemonade makes a great Paper Doll activity using all sorts of characters on paper.  This is awesome.  My daughters loooove creating with my scraps.  This is a great activity to add to the quiet time box.  Get that little fashion designer juices flowing in your mini.
Make a cool No SEW banner.  I have made a few of these for Christmas and Making one for my girls room. 
Craftinomicon Makes a cute memory game with scraps and felt.  This is so pretty to look at right?  I see a great Christmas gift here for lots of people. 
Oh this one is cool.  I have big plans for this.  I am loving maps and state cut outs of all sorts.  This is done on a tote, but I want to do it on a big piece of wooden board.  Mod podge it.  How cool would that be?  This is one that would probably take a little more time, but so worth it.  Totally a one of a kind.

And last but not least, Hand crafted cards.  This looks simple enough...simple cut out shapes, sewn onto craft card stock, and a little calligraphy?  Awesome. 
As you can see there are so many things you can do.  A lot can even be gifts.  So please before you toss your scraps or give them away, host a fun scrap craft night at your house and get everyone together and share your scraps and make some cool crafts.  Be sure to invite me:)
To see other fun DIY ideas and other cool things follow me on PINTEREST HERE or find my Pinterest widget on the sidebar. 
Have a wonderful Day!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Deal of the day

Welcome to my new segment called the "Deal of the Day". Here i will be featuring a product from my shop or another shop that will be discounted with a special coupon code just for you! Since this will be my first time, I will be featuring myself. I know I always do various things on Facebook and Instagram but I though It would be fun to highlight various parts of me so you can get to know me better as well as other small business owners. We love your support and think it is fun to know who it is your supporting.

So let me tell you a little about myself. I am six feet tall. I am originally from Washington. Vancouver to be exact and no, not Vancouver Canada, it is Washington, like right across the Columbia river from Oregon. I was raised there. Didn't really love the weather. I soaked every drop of sun in any chance I got. I had a paper route for The Columbian from 5th grade and in 8th I acquired a second route and did both until my junior year in high school. With that I learned what it was to have my own money. I learned responsibility.
During the short summers you could find me at various river s and streams lakes and ponds. I often spent my time on the river. Rubbing that baby oil on my skin getting that glow we all dreamed of as a teenager.
I played a lot of sports. Started out playing soccer then on to basketball then found my true passion of volleyball. I reserved my number 10 on my jersey after my sisters who played and had that number for 6 years. Sometimes we would refer to each ore as our number. I can still hear my good friend Erin saying, "way to go 10".
I am an artist. I specialize in children's portraits. Enjoy using good ole mechanical pencils, q tips, and rubber erasers when doing my peices. I have found a lot of joy in doing drawing for people and have made a few dollars doing so as well. I like all things creative. I do not enjoy tedious crafting like scrap booking and quilting and quiet books, I may poke my own eyeballs out with a rusty screw driver if someone asked me to do those things, but I appreciate them. I will happily purchase those gongs from someone else.
I have been married for almost 11 years. Good ones and hard but mostly awesome. I have found myself so many times in different ways from being married at a young age. I wouldn't trade it though.
I am a hairstylist. I have been since a young age. Licensed for 11 years though. It is a passion. I love creating beautiful hair. My favorite is when I can help someone for free and boost their confidence. I love being able to give back.
With that being said who else would like to give back? My deal to day is the BE THE CHANGE tees. Profits are donated to. Mothers without borders. Regularly $20 you can get yours for $18. Use the code BETHECHANGE in the shop at checkout. Offer good for 24 hours or while supplies last. So head over to the shop tab at the top of the page and get shopping :).

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fun in the Sun!

Those of us living in Arizona know that the summers are hot! Hot can be miserable, unless we find just the right kind of activities to beat the heat! :) My little one is going to be THREE this summer. (wow, i can't believe how fast time flies). With a three year old, I definitely need to find fun and exciting activities to do with him. We got the annual passes to Wet n Wild, which is tons of fun! My son is finally 36" tall so he can ride some of the rides. I was shocked at how brave he was to go down the water slides by himself.
Just yesterday i was online and came across another deal for Arizona summer fun! Does your family enjoy Arizona Baseball Games, The Phoenix Zoo, Jump Street, the History Museum? Have you seen this incredible offer?

Thanks to The Centsable Shoppin' for posting this! What a great deal!! 
(Also, The Centsable Shoppin' has a ton of other deals and savings so check out her website! ) 

What other fun in the sun (or indoor) activities have you found for this summer!? Please share! We love to hear about all the excitement going on! :) 

Monday, June 2, 2014

summer glow makeup

Previously I talked about some summer must haves. Some makeup being one of them. I though I would share with you what my step by step process is. I use a few brands. These I have found are my favorite. And a recent conversation with a friend came to the conclusion that in most cases, the more you spend on your makeup, the better quality and it lasts longer. In most cases. I use bare minerals mostly. But I also have some major favorites from the e.l.f. Brand found at target.
1. Prep your face. Using some SPF moisturizer is going to be in your best interest and some eye firming cream.
2. Bare mineral powder foundation all over with my e.l.f. Kabuki brush. I love it. It is soon soft on the face and mine hasn't left hairs everywhere. Very well made brush for less than $5.
3. Contour with bronzer and blush duo from e.l.f.
4. Highlight cheek bone s by dabbing lightly and then rubbing to blend. It glows so pretty. The color is persimmon.
5. Eye shadow is bare minerals gold. This brings out my blue eyes. This eyeshadow is so good. It goes on beautifully and lasts all day.
6. Mirabella limitless lashes. This is a primer for your lashes that can only be bought at a professional beauty supply or salon that sells it. I have been using this brand for 10 years. It makes my lashes look 100 times fuller. So if you know a beautician, get the hook ups. It is usually sold in the supply stores that sell matrix, pureology, redkin products.
7. Eyebrows. Eyebrows. Eyebrows. You have heard me say it before. Wax those puppies on a regular basis. Color them in. It makes your whole face look put together even if you don't do the rest of your makeup at least do your brows. You'll thank me. I use NYC brow color with a brush.
Do this while the primer is drying on your lashes.
8. Cover girl lash blast very black. I love me so me mascara. Over the years I have had my favorites. Since they came out with lash blast that has been my favorite. I don't care for the other lash blast varieties they have come out with. I like he original in the orange tube. It goes on mama zing. And if you like a lot of mascara this rocks. If you coupon, you can get it for pennies at cvs.
9. Lips. I think the best nude lip for me is a little Chapstick and concealer. I have the elf nude lipstick but sometimes it's too orange looking. Depends on the color of my skin.

There you have it. All in all I can do my makeup in about 15 minutes if I'm not summoned by one of my little people I gave birth to.
My makeup bag is from bigsislilsis on etsy.

My summer must haves

If I get stranded on an island this summer or ever in my life,(would that really be so bad?) I am gonna need a few things. Or if I am just headed to the local water park for my weekly visit then I know I'm set. I have always been simple. Don't get me wrong. This gal can glam it up with the best of them but every day, I like quick easy everything. I'm very casual in everything I do. I like to spice things up here and there occasionally in the accessory department but over all I am a laid back Phoenix gal who loves the sun. Over the last year I have come a cross things that I really love. Things I know I NEED. I know this cause I don't even hesitate when purchasing. Some things have not been purchased yet, but my plans are to before summer is over.

1. 31 bits. This is an amazing company with a purpose. They employ these beautiful sweet women if Uganda to design the awesome rolled paper beads and make very trendy edgy high end peices. Their bracelets are to die for. The best thing about this (the second best thing) is that there is something in every price range. So this little bracelet will be on my wrist ASAP. I already have one that I got in a swag bag. I wear it pretty much every day especially when I wear my be the change tee.

2. Stunning by Design Handbag. Let me just tell you that Queena is a sweet and amazingly talented woman. She makes amazing accessories for ladies and their minis. This bag she mad is like the best thing ever. It opens so wide that you can find the smallest thing that seemed to disappear in the black hole of your purse because you can lay it on the counter and completely open it up and find what you need with no problem. I need that. Too many bad words come out of my mouth when I am trying to find something in my purse.

3. Jamberry nails. If you haven't heard of them then where have you been? These are cool nail decals that come in hue coolest prints. It is a heat set wrap you apply in seconds and it lasts a few weeks. I like having one accent nail. I purchased 1 pack for $20 at my last event and it will last me a life time. It comes with enough for fingers and toes. Super awesome.

4. Tinted moisturizer with SPF. MY NEW FAVORITE THING. I am such a wash and go gal. I don't go time for that crap. How many of you have heard me say that over and over about various things in my life? I'm guessing a lot of you are raising your hands. Gettin ready on a daily basis in Arizona in 115 DEGREE WEATHER is insane. So if I can look a little bit put together before I hit the pool or go out for the day while protecting my skin that has all of a sudden aged whe I hit 30 a couple months ago, then sign me up. It gives a beautiful glow while still showing your natural skin. It's not total coverage so I still feel like I see me in huge mirror and not the makeup cosmetic version of myself. It's real. I know of a couple great MARY KAY gals if you need a rep :)

5. A Rad hat. Yes. Everyone needs this. It's a great must have for any day of the week. I went swimming the other day and wore my new floral baseball hat from target. My eyes are very sensitive in the summer time. The heat and the bright light just kills me and I can barely see even with sunglasses. My eyes literally won't open. So I have learned that hats are awesome. Not only will they add extra protection for your beautiful face, but for your eyes too. And let's be honest. Who doesn't like the way they look when they have wet hair? We all look like a wet dog instead of Bo Derek right? So through a hat on And wrap the hair in a braid or throw it over one shoulder. Put your aviator shades on and your good to go.

6. All over makeup stick. Have you ever bought an e.l.f. Brand makeup product? You can purchase online or at target. It is fantastic makeup for ridiculous cheap. I like a lot of their stuff. I love their all over makeup stick. I have used it on my eyes and lips but mostly I put it as a highlighter on my cheek bones. It gives a phenomenal sun kissed glow when used with their contouring bronzing duo. Honey have a great nude lip, great all over shimmer powder, kabuki brush and others. I like them. The color of makeup stick I use is persimmon. Beautiful.

7. Now I'm gonna add one more in. Self tanning mist. This is gonna be great for your face. Since you are taking extra precautions not to damage your beautiful face, the. You know that our face ain't gonna be as tan as the rest of our body and we don't wanna look like we are about to pass out with too light of face makeup for our body. So spray that $&?! All over and make an even canvas. Make sure your eyebrows are done, those lips are moist and you may never need to add to much makeup for the rest of the summer.

I am excited to have my must haves. And I'll snap pics as I wear them. So make sure your following me on Facebook or Instagram.
What are your summer must haves for a care free and worry free summer?