Sunday, May 15, 2016

What makes Me...

  Here is a raw picture of me...No Makeup.  Just me.  I could pick apart this picture for you, finding so many flaws and imperfection I hate about myself.  But I won't.  Something I am trying to change about myself is just that.  Quitting what the world wants me to think of myself, as nothing.  I am digging deep today to tell you what makes me STRONG.  This will be a new series, featuring myself and other amazing mothers.

I am strong because I am a woman.  Women hold such a special roll, even though we are constantly shown otherwise as a sex symbol, inferior, just a "stay at home mom".  I hate all those things.  We are strong.  We are fighters.  I am a fighter.  I am strong willed.  I fight the temptation to completely sluff my kids off to the side all the time and make time for only "me".  I find that the adversary has gotten a little hold of my way of mommyhood.  Everyday is a struggle for me.  I know what works in MY mothering and what doesn't.  I appreciate those of you who mother differently than me.  It reminds me that I can always strive for things I want to change.  Kids are all sorts of different, we can't change that, but we can change how we react to them.  That is something I struggle with, but the fact I try says something.  I have a hard time prioritizing them first most days.  But progress is progress.  I find myself making time for cleaning, or organizing, work, other things that need tending to but them...its tough but I know I am strong enough to overcome. 

I am strong enough to get over physical hurdles in my health.  I have suffered major hairloss that has to be covered up.  Dear friends help me by giving me hugs, showing words of encouragement, making me a special hair piece. ( feel like a rockstar in it BTW).  On one hand it is just hair, maybe I could totally rock a bald head, on the other hand I would have to deal with looks, questions, people I know looking at me differently trying to not stare, or ask, or trying to find the words TO say without being distracted by my bald head.  I am aware of all the things.  But I know that whatever happens, I can be strong. 

I am strong because I help people.  I pride myself in knowing the right words to say, better yet, the words the Lord would have me say to someone in need or is hurting.  I have always found a special place in my heart for those who need attention and love and a shoulder to cry on.  I can be strong for them when they can't be for themselves. 

I am strong.  I am a woman. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

New Items just for YOU!!

Oh my goodness you guys!  I am so relieved to have this day finally here.  The launch of the BellapiaSWIM Spring 2016 collection is here and on fire!  I wanted to show you some new things we have to offer in our collection this year.
1. Upgrade your Sedona Top with some amazing adjustable customizable straps!  For a small charge extra, you can now have over the shoulder support in three ways. -over the shoulder and straight down through the loops, or over the shoulders and criss cross in the back then through the loops, or a simple halter around the neck.  And if you want to hide the straps and go strap free, simply tuck the straps inside the suit.
2. We are teaming up with the amazing Juniper Girgis from Daisy Chains Workshop and designed an exclusive hand stamped necklace to go along with our collection.  A beautiful Stamped sterling silver bar with chains for the days your craving "salt & sand".
3. We have some awesome hats and tees with our new Swim logo.  These new tees are awesome over your new suit and long enough to tie in a knot in the front.  Then pair it up with our new trucker hat.  Show your love of swim!
We are thrilled to have these new items in our shop.  So be sure to snag one before they are gone!!

Friday, October 23, 2015

We're Hiring

Hey ya'll!  We are at that point where we are expanding a great deal.  As you know I have been pretty much a one man show running Bellapia Designs LLC, with the help of a couple friends here and there when time has needed.  Now as we are growing and we are needing to keep up with demand and new things that are coming our way, we are in need of some fun new people to join our team. 
Here is what we are looking for.

Office Assistant:
-Someone who is fun and energetic
-Professional and ready to work
-Loves supporting Small businesses and the community there in
-Great customer service skills
-answering emails
-social media
-shipping and product packaging
-Marketing experience
-assists in markets

-someone who is experienced in sewing clothing, cutting and following patterns
-someone who is experienced with various textile fabrics
-experienced in surging and overlocking machines
-fast paced sewing
-someone who has flexible hours
-assists in markets/events

If this sounds like you would make a perfect match, please email your resume to

Also include past experiences, small bio about you and why you would be a good fit for our company.  Thank you!

Friday, September 11, 2015

New Pencil Midi Skirts

New Midi Pencil Skirts for your enjoyment this Fall and Winter!!! 

Introducing New PRODUCTS

I am so excited to be bringing a new product I have been testing for that last several months to see if it is something I want to make and bring to the Bellapia Designs Table for purchase.  I have a couple of my own and I can say that they are so comfortable.  Especially on a day that you really don't feel like getting dressed, you can through this on and be done!!  I love the simplicity of it as well as how much fun you can have playing with various accessories and shoes.  Enjoy!