Friday, August 31, 2012

my biggest pinterest commitment

I fell for it and followed the blond tips trend.  Something I have been loving for a few years now, but it didn't hit the rest of the world til now.  Thanks Pinterest. So I never truely went for it as dark as I did now and I am glad I did.  I don't have to worry too but about roots right now cause it is just a little darker than my natural hair  Being a hair stylist has its perks.  Everything I need or want to do I can pretty much do myself, except a few things, then I have my cute friend Lynsee help me out.   So I made the plunge.  What has been your biggest Pinterest commitment?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Barbie Dresses....LOVE this

So Today I decided t start tackling my 100% Handmade Christmas Goal for my girlies.  Barbies and Babies and Kitchen neccessities are amongst this glorious list.  So Today, I made a few dresses, so see how this was going to turn out.  I started out simple, then once I got the hang of how itsy bitsy everything is, I got really adventurous and made more detailed,fitted dresses.  So take what yo want from this, wether you just want something real quick and simple, or you want to spend 30 minutes.  Trust me the 30 minutes is worth it cause it is so stinkin cute.  I laughed and giggled all the way through this project, trying it on the barbie occasionally like i was fitting a real model.  I am giddy just thinking about making more and the rest of my handmade projects for the girls.  Cassie, this one is for you.  I may need to send you a little dress for Brooklyn to put in her stocking, just for old times sakes!

Okay are you ready??

get a barbie out.  Here is what I learned.  Barbie's and the disney dolls differ in size.  So unless you have 100% disney princess dolls verses Barbies, use a barbie as you model.  So the clothes will fit all dolls a like.  This dress is much like relaxed fit maxi dress.  So place the doll on the fabric. 

Cut the width as wide as the arms lay out.  The length from shoulders to feet.

at the hands, cut slight diagnal to the shoulders

Get some 1/4 inch elastic and measure around the waist

now sew one of the sides up.

using pinking shears if you have them would be ideal for the whole project, I realized this at this point in the project.  Then you don't have to spend a lot of time doing a full blown hem.  So cut the botton and the top of the dress withe your pinking shears

fold about 1/4 inch hem and sew the top and the bottom of the dress.  No need to double fold if you used pinking shears or a serger.

Take your elastic and center it on the middle seam wth a pin

match the end of the elastic to each of the side edges of teh dress and pin.  It will be baggy in between each pin.

useing a zig zag stitch, sew on the center of the elastic stretching it as you sew.  Secure useing both hands. 

It will gather the fabrig for a stretchy waist that wont bust as little hands are trying to pull it on over the doll's hips.

right sides together, sew up the other side.

now for an easy halter strap, use 1/8 elastic and measure around the neck. 

sew on the front center of the dress

Not too fancy but the kids don't mind!  That was my first one.  Then I got adventurous.

I invisioned a vintage houswife of sorts.  So I thought a just below the knee length poofy skirt with a fitted top.  Cut two pieces of fabric that is just over double in width of the barbie's waist.  Then the length should be about 1 inch longer than the knees.

sew right sides together the side seams, then fold and hem the bottom of the skirt.

Gather around the top of the skirt at the waist line so it is just slightly bigger than the doll's waist

now cut a different print for the top, make sure it is plently big so it can be altered to fit the barbie's figure and enough for over lapping in the back with the velcro closure.  With the top facing inside out, pin the front under each bust, and make a pleate so it is fitted, pin. 

where it is pinned, you will sew a diagnal line from the bust down to the bottom of the top, so widest part of the line is at the bottom.  Repeat for the other pinned part as well.

now turn right side out and put around your doll and measure the back wear your velcro will be and cut off extra. also, sewing in the pleats made the bottom of the hem line uneven.  Cut it into a straight line.

Now with the right sides together, designate the front of the skirt and pin the shirt's bottom hem to the gathered part of the skirt.  Sew.  This should go all the way around the shirt.

next, sew on your velcro and add straps if you wish.

the pleats are kind of hard to see on the black top, but scroll down to the bright floral dress, you can see the pleats easier. 

see the pleats??

Monday, August 27, 2012

Fresh Green Beans with Bacon

While on my recent trip to Utah and Idaho, Malad was a anticipated stop for a visit.  Grandma and Grandpa Bowen.  The best.  We ate fresh from the garden one night for supper.  100% of the meal was from the garden.  Including the beef...huh!  Yep they buy cows and raise them up to butcher.  Sooo good.
We had Creamed Potatoes with peas, Roast beef, Corn on the cob, Tomatoes and cucumber onion salad, and the best green beans ever!!  The girls enjoye this part of our trip especially because they got to feed the new cows grandpa has in his pasture.  Corn husks from shucking the corn.

grandpa only has three fingers on one of his hands due to a fanning accident when he was young.  We all have had our share of holding is sweet little hand with three fingers, he has become quite famous around town for it.  All the kids think its cool.  So I got this shot of Gpa and Grey holding hands.  That is 4 generations.  Sweet.  I love this picture.  It reminds me of when I grew up holding his hand.

Grandpa has the bigget garden.  So much produce!  He could probably feed his whole street.

So to get on with the awesome recipe!!!

Brown chopped up bacon in a pot. 

While the bacon is cooking, clean and snap the green beans.

WHen the bacon is done, put it on a paper towel.  Drain some of the bacon grease from the pot.

place the beans in the pot with the left over bacon grease and cover with water.  Boil til tender.

Drain, then add a little butter, the bacon bits and salt and pepper to tast.  YUMMY!!

This screams summer to me.  Especially Malad IDAHO