At Bellapia Clothing co., we have a purpose. With that purpose, comes motivation to make a great product that is inspired by you. We believe that having values keeps our purpose and motivation in the for front of our product.

- we believe in being honest to ourselves, to our product and to our customers.
  - knowing who we are will create consistency in our product and therefore, we will have happy customers.

- we will be resourceful. Throwing away scraps of anything is so wasteful. If at any time an opportunity rises to up cycle or reuse materials, we use that in turn keeps our costs low in running he business and you get a great product for great price.

- we will be creative. Being creative is such a broad thing to talk about these days. Here are so many branches of creativity that don't necessarily mean sitting down make painting a masterpiece or creating some amazing contraption. Creativity means to explore other realms and trying things out. Making opportunities happen by being a little bit vulnerable. Those moments are where greatness comes from and how ideas generate, and ideas can come to life.

-be humble. The good Lord gave us talents. Talents are to be used for good.  Appreciate those who recognize your talents. We love our customers.  We love meeting you. If it weren't for you we wouldn't be here.

-be inspiring. We can inspire others by our good deeds and portraying our good thoughts into actions. We will be uplifting and also uplift others so we can all be successful. Being successful to us, is finding happiness and joy in what we do. What's more inspiring than joy?

- have great customer service. Things happen. We are human. If you buy our product we want you to love it and be proud of it. If for any reason you don't, we will fix it. We love you and we want you to love our product.

  To create a meaningful and affordable product for everyone as well as giving back to the community, through our talents and creativity.  Offering a variety of media that will spark an interest and be a safe place for you to come and be your self.

  To set a higher standard, be responsible for your own happiness. Make the change, be the change and make good things happen. Everyone has a story, great or small.  We want to bring out the best in you weather it's makeup tips or fun diy projects. I love incorporating healthy habits in my everyday routine and cooking.

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