Friday, October 23, 2015

We're Hiring

Hey ya'll!  We are at that point where we are expanding a great deal.  As you know I have been pretty much a one man show running Bellapia Designs LLC, with the help of a couple friends here and there when time has needed.  Now as we are growing and we are needing to keep up with demand and new things that are coming our way, we are in need of some fun new people to join our team. 
Here is what we are looking for.

Office Assistant:
-Someone who is fun and energetic
-Professional and ready to work
-Loves supporting Small businesses and the community there in
-Great customer service skills
-answering emails
-social media
-shipping and product packaging
-Marketing experience
-assists in markets

-someone who is experienced in sewing clothing, cutting and following patterns
-someone who is experienced with various textile fabrics
-experienced in surging and overlocking machines
-fast paced sewing
-someone who has flexible hours
-assists in markets/events

If this sounds like you would make a perfect match, please email your resume to

Also include past experiences, small bio about you and why you would be a good fit for our company.  Thank you!

Friday, September 11, 2015

New Pencil Midi Skirts

New Midi Pencil Skirts for your enjoyment this Fall and Winter!!! 

Introducing New PRODUCTS

I am so excited to be bringing a new product I have been testing for that last several months to see if it is something I want to make and bring to the Bellapia Designs Table for purchase.  I have a couple of my own and I can say that they are so comfortable.  Especially on a day that you really don't feel like getting dressed, you can through this on and be done!!  I love the simplicity of it as well as how much fun you can have playing with various accessories and shoes.  Enjoy!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Sonoran Collection

Introducing the Sonoran Collection.  Choose from a head wrap, Kimono Scarf with lace, or a maxi skirt. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Simplicity at it's Best

There is just something about a good Black and White photo.  Want to know where you can get an amazing photo with the most perfect light??  Your garage.  Open the door and let that light in.  Yet the sun provides no glare or shadows.  You have the most crisp clear photo. 
This shirt speaks for itself that is why I wanted a few very simple photos with no distractions from background or colors.  I want the message to be clear.  I think we nailed it.  But we also made some great outfits with the shirt as well.  Can't wait to show you all!!

Friday, September 4, 2015

For the soul

For a time now I have felt a void. Have you ever felt that? You feel like you have done everything you've needed, wanted. But you look around yourself feeling as though something has been forgotten? It's like looking for that one page in he book where you left off. You would know it if you saw it but yet you can't put your finger on it.
Overwhelming self doubt and frustration of not being able to pin point some of my future is wrecking me. The stress gets to me and it's taking its toll. My hair is gone from a portion of my scalp. It's embarrassing, yet times I fell like I could totally rock a bald head.
My strong urge to create and design get really hard on me. I have always said I didn't want to be a product, I want to be a brand. With that desire to create various things I doubt myself with others possible views they may have of me. "What is she making now?" "She is just trying to make money". "Can't she stick to one thing?" I have heard many things through various comments on social media. I tend to let them run off my shoulders pretty well. Let me answer some of these questions though. So you know why I do what I do.
I have a wide range of designs. I can't just stick to one thing. I would get sick of it. I want to be able to provide multiple items to suit your needs and not leave anyone out. My brain is triggered when I see a pattern or print or color and 9/10 times that is how I base my designs. Simply by seeing a fabric piece. When I see a fabric that speaks to me, I see the whole story. Colors, background, shoes, accessories and even the color of the. Models hair and her pose. That is how I know I need to make a certain item. That is why I have various products and why I have many sales. To get through product, to make room for the many other fabrics and visions. I see, therefore I create. I am not in this only for the money. I do feel a need to help pay for things in my home. With "my money" I cover groceries, preschool, spending money. That makes me feel good and then we can save more to have a cushion for things. As much as I love getting paid for what i love, the money I receive often times goes to helping people. Whether it is Mothers Without Borders or local needs, I feel great satisfaction when I am using my talents to serve people. I have always had that desire to help and have always had a strong power of discernment to see into the hearts of those who are in need. I want to give, but not take away from what my own family needs.
I love what I do. Yes it is overwhelming but I feel like I can't leave anything out. And lately I have felt that void of satisfaction cause my brain is all over the place from one sketch to the next. It would be easier to pin point a couple things in the shop to offer, my office would appreciate it more without having bins and bins of fabric or patterns laying around. Part of me says " be a DIY blogger, make and create as much as you want without the stress of paying up front for fabric for inventory you hope sells..." Then the other part of me says " well not everyone is a sewer, so you must offer these products to the people". It is hard to nail it. I put myself out there and purchase enough product to make a handful of items. Then I have to sit and wait. Ha ha. The risk of a designer I guess. Then I have to remind myself, who are you doing this for? Them or me? That is where I feel a void. I want to give back so much...i feel like it's not enough. Or there is more I can do. I'm sure my thoughts are all over the place but that's how I sort things out. Especially when I feel I need help. What products do you enjoy most of mine? Should I narrow things down? Should I just focus on the Be the Change line? What do you want to see me make and sell? If I could get some feedback that would be awesome. This mama is feelin a little lost right now.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

It's a good day to have a good day

We pack our kids up and send them off to school. For some it's a sad day, shedding tears that they will miss their little companions but for me it is a glorious day when I send my children off to school after a busy long summer.

I don't know about you but I have a temper. I get set off easily and I am quick to get heated so it makes for long summer Arizona days or what some people call it in the winter time "cabin fever". I spend many hours coming up with activities some big and some small for my children to enjoy during the sweltering days. But I feel like for my children it isn't enough. Maybe I have done too much go for them so they expect more? Not sure, but I feel I don't make everyday like Disneyland because my schedule doesn't allow. I like to keep a pretty clean and organized house and I do make my kids work a lot. But the more time they spend together and with me the more we head off to WWIII. Not good. It should be amazing right? Why can't I be that mom who has amazing tempered kids that don't fight every blasted second of the day. Why can't I be the mom who knows how to control her temper and never says hurtful things to her kids cause sometimes she doesn't know what else to do?

After being the "patient" for a turn to my hair clients and pouring my hearts out to them about my mom problems I learned some wise words. My picture perfect image I had of how I was going to parent my children couldn't be further away from my reality. I needed to change my mold to fit the personalities of the precious little nuggets I gave birth to. And you know what it always came down to? Me. I was the problem. I knew it but it has always been so hard to change.
I made a list of things I needed to do because of things I hadn't done. Downloaded a couple parenting books✔️ subscribed to some daily parenting tips✔️ ask the Lord to help me✔️. Now the things I wasn't doing. Reading the scriptures with questions in my mind😳 making changes to some daily routines 😳 really thinking of my reaction before I react.

I made a goal once I sent the kids to school that it was gonna be better. It's ok to be glad that I have some space from them. Our personalities need it. So I needed to truely indulge in them when I do have them.
Today I realized something. After having a horrible cold for a week I haven't been able to yell. I made it a goal last week to read and write while partaking of the scriptures. Having questions in my mind while I'm reading. They get answered. And since I have been doing that, miracles have happened. I have stayed more calm when my children get me angry. I have stayed more patient with them when they are persistent in their disobedience. I have stuck to my guns because I can't yell without coughing up a lung. It has been more peaceful in my home. We have also taken away electronics and TV on Sunday's except for some inspirational shows or movies at the very end of the day to wind down before bed. And man the dynamic of our home has been wonderful. It has been richer. Such a good feeling. So as I realized all this today that I am on the way to self mastery. I stopped and literally smiled at my thoughts. I patted myself on my back and took my kids to the park. If I can do it you can too. You got this👊🏻

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It's Within Your Reach

So many times I sit and think to myself, as I sit on my couch watching my latest Netflix romance, "I'm bored with my life". I know I know your probably thinking how could that be possible with all I have going on..right? I am talking about my personal life. The life I lead when I am not wearing the "boss lady" hat for the biz. Raise your hand if you get in a rut way too often when kids are in school? It's so easy to do right? Nod your head with me so I don't feel stupid. Every day the same thing, wake up, eat, school, clean the house, put in a load of laundry, make phone calls, scratch some things off your "to do" list, kids come home, a fury of hunger is scratching at the pantry, you make food, do homework, throw in some play time before you start making dinner, dinner is always a circus. Why pay to go see the circus when you can come to my house? Shower kids wrestle them to get dressed and calm down, yelling fighting, then praying, tucking, scratching backs, kisses, sit on the couch, repeat. Yep. We do it. That's why we deserve our weekends! To refuel for the drama that is our lives starting Monday. I picked up a few magazines one day to support my Phoenix locals. It inspired me from the pages I read that if I'm sitting on the couch, I need to do the opposite. Get outside! We have been blessed with so many little things hat are just..there... They aren't going anywhere. They are waiting to be seen, and discovered. They are natures gifts. To remind us hat beauty in life is within our reach. We just have to extend our hand and take it. Make it ours. Own your life. You deserve it.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bellapia S P R I N G/S U M M E R 2015 Collection

I am so thrilled to be finally complete with this collection!  It is so hard to be patient and work through all the little things the NEED to be done so that I can finally have a product in the end.  I am very proud of myself in what I have accomplished and I hope that you will love it too as much as I.  Enjoy this look book of the entire collection plus debuting the BellapiaSWIM!