Friday, February 24, 2012


A little update. So our sweet Bo has a chewing issue. He tends to snatch baby wipes toys and other small things on the floor when no one is looking and eat them. Usually he able to pass or throw them back up. This time was not the case. Last Friday he started throwing up his breakfast all over the girls toys. Not good. Gross and I was ticked that I had to clean the toys. Same thing the next day and Sunday. He stopped eating Sunday from not feeling well. Monday no food and thrrew up every hour. I had to stop giving him water cause it was coming back up and making an even worse mess. I made the call to the vet. Took him in he was dehydrated from throwing up so they gave some shots and did an x ray to see what was in there. Sure enough there were a few areas in his intestines where there were foreign objects. Took him home to see if he might pass it. Still wouldnt eat. Tuesday he still wasn't eating but I gave him little water he was able to keep it down except one time. I called the vet she said to take him in to he emergency hospital for surgery. We decided to waittil the next day and went back to the vet. A different dr looked at him and wanted to run more tests. Another x ray and an ultrasound. He had surgery yesterday. He ate a slew of baby wipes that were still connected to each other making one loong cloth. And he ate some toys. They had to make two incisions in his intestines because they couldn't pull the whole long wipe out from one stop. It started pulling on the intestine so they snipped it off and made a new incision and retraced the rest. It wws all too much for him to pasorr at was why he was so sick. He did great and I picked him up a few hours later. Now he is perking up and beginning to eat.

Now Greyson is really starting to fill out. We never get to take pictures together cause I busy doing it for everyone else. Joe you can see how small he is in comparison to me.

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