Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jersey Girl Skirt

I was inspired by the color and fabric at a recent visit to target.  They have a jersy knit and chiffon ruffle skirt that have lggings attached.  That gave me the idea to fuse the two fabric together in a project.
 This is an easy one, but good and you will use over and over again I hope.

1. Cut two peices 15x10 inches
2. Fold over and sew your casing for the elastic waistband
3. sew using a tight/small zig zag, this allows the stitch to stretch with the fabric and elastic at the most without tension that will cause breakage of thread.

cut 2 yards of your strip of 4 inch chiffon.  Sew the ends together.

Using the Ruffle Technique, ruffle and adjust if needed.  Then pin and sew to the bottom of the skirt about 2 inches from the bottom hem.

repeat with a row of jersey knit materal.  Placing it around 2 inches from the last ruffle.  Continue alternating fabrics per row until desired amount of rows are accomplished.  Insert your elastic, over lapping the ends by an inch and sewing them together.  Then sew your casing shut.  Add your tag/label.



  1. Thank you! I have to try it! PS: I pinterest you :)

    1. thanks for pinning me! i sure love me some pinterest

  2. oh goodness, I love this so much!!! Thanks for sharing! I hope you will consider adding a photo of it into SewSet, my latest endeavor. SewSet is an on-line sewing pattern and tutorial directory so others can find you site and tutorial. This is simply fabulous!

    Thanks again!
    - Jess &