Friday, June 8, 2012

Diaper Caddy

So I am hating diaper bags for myself more and more.  So This time, after trying it out one more time, I decided to part with the one I had bought for Grey.  I just hate switching to a purse when I am babyless and forgetting my wallet sometimes in the other bag.  So I decided to purchase a huge purse/bag that I can use for both.  Especially for Sundays, I have enough room for the girls activities and books.  One less bag I have to worry about carrying around.  So I scored this bag at Charming Charlie's  Love it.  $39.  I'm happy.  So now because I don't have any compartments in this bag, I needed to make a diaper caddy to carry all the baby stuff and keep the bag organized.  Its wonderful.  I can just grab the caddy when I have the baby with me and stuff it in my purse.

Chevron.  Love it...Grey of course. :)
I make this caddy a little bigger than the size of a gerber brand burp cloth.  I used that as my stencil and added a few inches to the width.  So cut two peices of fabric the same size.

Mark where you are going to put the two pockets.  Pin in to mark.

Cut two fabrics the same size.  These will double the actual size of the pocket. 

Fold them in half and do a top stitch on the fold

Place the folded pockets on the peice of fabric that will be the inside of the caddy.  Pin in place.  Then place the other caddy peice on top Right sides together..Pin.

Sew all around the caddy leaving a few inches opening for turning it right side out.  sewing this will also sew the pockets in place.

cut your corners so they turn nicely.

turn it right side out

press/iron it nicely.

Do a nice top stitch all around the caddy.

make a strap. Cut two peices that are 3x6inches roughly.  Sew right sides together leaving an opening to turn it. 

press and top stitch.

cut velcro to the size of the strap.

Pin and sew the strap onto the caddy, carefully.  Don't sew the pocket closed.

Sew the opposite velcro peice on the out side of the caddy where it matches up with the sewn on strap

your done!
This fits 6 diapers, wipes and my diaper baggies on one side, the my changing mat and my nursing cover on the other side.  Perfectly.


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