Monday, March 4, 2013

Gardening for dummies...totally my thing!

I am an epic failure when it comes to growing even the simplest of garden produce. Herbs...failed...tomato plants that were already fail. I even bought the wrong kind...thought I was getting bell peppers and they were pablanos. Oh dear! Then while scavenging through the plant based eating world on none other than Pinterest, I came across these amazing ideas! Seriously! Growing from produce that you have already bought! Cut the ends off your celery, green onion, romain, etc and instead of throwing it away, simply put in a bowl of water and watch it grow from the inner most center parts of the vegi. Celery can take a few months, but the lettuce is ready in a few short weeks...onions...can't remember. I will need to go back and read that pin again, but seriously get started on your kitchen windowsill and see how much you can get by without purchasing for a while. I will for sure keep you posted!

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