Sunday, May 15, 2016

What makes Me...

  Here is a raw picture of me...No Makeup.  Just me.  I could pick apart this picture for you, finding so many flaws and imperfection I hate about myself.  But I won't.  Something I am trying to change about myself is just that.  Quitting what the world wants me to think of myself, as nothing.  I am digging deep today to tell you what makes me STRONG.  This will be a new series, featuring myself and other amazing mothers.

I am strong because I am a woman.  Women hold such a special roll, even though we are constantly shown otherwise as a sex symbol, inferior, just a "stay at home mom".  I hate all those things.  We are strong.  We are fighters.  I am a fighter.  I am strong willed.  I fight the temptation to completely sluff my kids off to the side all the time and make time for only "me".  I find that the adversary has gotten a little hold of my way of mommyhood.  Everyday is a struggle for me.  I know what works in MY mothering and what doesn't.  I appreciate those of you who mother differently than me.  It reminds me that I can always strive for things I want to change.  Kids are all sorts of different, we can't change that, but we can change how we react to them.  That is something I struggle with, but the fact I try says something.  I have a hard time prioritizing them first most days.  But progress is progress.  I find myself making time for cleaning, or organizing, work, other things that need tending to but them...its tough but I know I am strong enough to overcome. 

I am strong enough to get over physical hurdles in my health.  I have suffered major hairloss that has to be covered up.  Dear friends help me by giving me hugs, showing words of encouragement, making me a special hair piece. ( feel like a rockstar in it BTW).  On one hand it is just hair, maybe I could totally rock a bald head, on the other hand I would have to deal with looks, questions, people I know looking at me differently trying to not stare, or ask, or trying to find the words TO say without being distracted by my bald head.  I am aware of all the things.  But I know that whatever happens, I can be strong. 

I am strong because I help people.  I pride myself in knowing the right words to say, better yet, the words the Lord would have me say to someone in need or is hurting.  I have always found a special place in my heart for those who need attention and love and a shoulder to cry on.  I can be strong for them when they can't be for themselves. 

I am strong.  I am a woman.