Friday, February 12, 2016

New Items just for YOU!!

Oh my goodness you guys!  I am so relieved to have this day finally here.  The launch of the BellapiaSWIM Spring 2016 collection is here and on fire!  I wanted to show you some new things we have to offer in our collection this year.
1. Upgrade your Sedona Top with some amazing adjustable customizable straps!  For a small charge extra, you can now have over the shoulder support in three ways. -over the shoulder and straight down through the loops, or over the shoulders and criss cross in the back then through the loops, or a simple halter around the neck.  And if you want to hide the straps and go strap free, simply tuck the straps inside the suit.
2. We are teaming up with the amazing Juniper Girgis from Daisy Chains Workshop and designed an exclusive hand stamped necklace to go along with our collection.  A beautiful Stamped sterling silver bar with chains for the days your craving "salt & sand".
3. We have some awesome hats and tees with our new Swim logo.  These new tees are awesome over your new suit and long enough to tie in a knot in the front.  Then pair it up with our new trucker hat.  Show your love of swim!
We are thrilled to have these new items in our shop.  So be sure to snag one before they are gone!!

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