Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pillow Slip Covers-Super easy and Quick!

Today I was inspired again by my monthly reading pal, BHG mag.  Love it.  I have had a subscription for quite a few years now.  If you are ever stumped on getting a gift for someone, a magazine subscription is Fantastic!!!  Anyway.  There was an article on fixing your drab couch with a quick fix of new pillows.  YES!!!  I thought to myself.  Finally, something telling me to get up and do it.  I have been wanting to but not taking the time.  Kids were napping today so I was relaxing on the couch (rare) reading my IKEA and BHG mags.  Totally inspired.  Quickly I got up and went to my fabric basket and picked out some fabric that needed a project.  These three worked great.  All different damask prints and subtle colors.

First use a pillow or an old pillow cover for your template.  Wash, and iron your fabric before sewing.

Cut your fabric leaving your desired Seam Allowance (SA).  On one of the peices add about 5 inches to the length.

On each peice, designate the tops and do a 1 inch folded hem and press.

On the longer peice, designate where the pillow will fit and pin.

where you pinned, fold over and press.

Sew your hems on each of your peices.  On the longer peice, only sew the hem, not the long part you folded over.

matching right sides together, and the hemed, and folded tops together, pin the sides and the bottom then sew leaving the top open.

I love adding my tags to the things I make, even the pillows.  Adds that extra touch and makes me smile.
Turn your cover right side out and insert your pillow.  That flap you created with the longer peice is a cover inside the cover.  Like the pillow shams that come with your duvet covers for your bed. Same idea.  This is easier than inserting a zipper.  This is a great beginner project, that will make a HUGE difference!




child approved.


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  1. i love it! i have some boring pillows that match our couch that I've been wanting to spruce up. this will be my reference, thanks for posting!