Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DIY Clothing Rack

I was excited when I thought of the idea of building my own clothing rack for the Holiday House.  I new it would be simple and cheap made from PVC pipe.  I headed to Lowes cause it was made just for women.  2 men helped me out and cut everything for me.  It was awesome!

So for about $7-$8 I made thie awesome clothing rack that really came in handy at the boutique.

Here are the supplies you will need
(2) 3/4 inch PVC cut at 3 ft each totaling 6ft (for the top and middle rack)
(2) 3/4 inch PVC at 2 ft each (4 ft total) for the top half of the legs from the top to the middle racks
(2) 3/4 inch PVC 3ft each (6ft total) for the legs from middle rack to the feet
Each foot totals 2 feet.  This was the amount of PVC left over after cutting all the big peices.
(2) 90 degree elbows 3/4 inch
(4) T's 3/4 inch

Spray paint :)

See?  there it is!  It was so nice with all the clothing I had that I didn't have to unfold a bunch of stuff and constantly be refolding items.  I want to make another one for the other side :)

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  1. The weight of the clothes will cause the horizontal bars to bow. My husband made me one just like this using metal piping since it would be kept in the laundry room. They come in very handy.