Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Coming Soon!!!

I wish you could see my face right now, I should have taken a picture of it, but haven't figured out how to do that real well with my new camera.  It is a happy face, excited face, smile from ear to ear.  I have been working hard these past couple weeks designing, purchasing, sewing and planning my new line.  Bnnb-Mommy.  I received the rest of my fabric (for now) to make the Nursing Covers and Maxi skirts.

Isn't that fun?  

even got some swatches to see what other fabulous fabrics they have.

I found Girl Charlee Fabric shop through Pinterest.  Once I decided my new ventures for my shop, I was on the search for some fantastic Jersey knit fabrics with cool prints.  This shop only carries various jersey material.  

See on the card...solid, chevron, stripes, floral.  ALL cotton jersey knits!  I am so happy.  They are pretty inexpensive too!  The first shipment I received was for the skirts.  I am so happy with the quality.  IT is nice and stretches both ways.  Light weight too!

Because they are so cute to look at and I will be hard at work the next couple weeks creating the rest of the sizes I need for the skirts, I decided to leave them out.  Keep me inspired.  Keep me smiling.  

See those?  Yep...some nursing covers ready to go!  I just need a model before I sell them in the shop.

I am happy.  Bnnb Mommy will be for every woman.  Even if you don't have kids...the name just made sense.  I am stoked!  Plus I get to lauch it live at A huge craft fair in April.  Happy sewing to me!!!  Now I just need my regular sewing machine back, then I can get really started.  For now, I just have my serger.  I can do most of what I need to with it, but I still need my sewing machine for little things.  



  1. I am so excited for your maxi skirts!!!! :)

    1. thanks me too! Finally something i can make that will fit my tallness...you can relate!!

  2. I want one of your nursing covers!!!