Monday, February 4, 2013

No Sew Monogrammed T

I have seen these on the American Apparel Website but holy moly.  They are like $20.  American Apparel is a great brand and has great soft t shirts, but I aint about to spend that for a little guy.  So since I am apart from my sewing machine still, I am trying to get things done that don't require a sewing machine.  Yay for Freezer Paper Stenciling!  Have you done it?  So fun and addicting.

So For this project print out your letters in a font you would like.  Then taking your freezer paper shiny side down, trace the letters.

Cut it out carefully with you craft knife.  Discard the letters and keep the stencil.
Using a hot iron, press the freezer paper on the shirt and iron all the edges down really well.  Sometimes the paint bleeds and it can be fixed, but awesome if you don't have to.

use your permanent fabric paint and a sponge brush (can be found at the dollar store in a 10 pack) and paint your letters

after it dries about 20 mintues, peel the freezer paper off.
Check for bleeds...see mine?

fixed with a little paint brush

look at how cute!  Great to do this with some of those plain onesies you have laying around.

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