Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DIY Fabric Napkins- Love Your Mom

I love Mother's Day.  Not only is the best day ever for me, but I also loooove to celebrate my beautiful mother.  She is funny, beautiful, creative, hard working, determined, and the best Grandma around. I am so glad that I get to have her as my mommy.  I am very much like her in many ways.  Sewing being one of them, then add hairstylist too.  It's fun bonding with her over something that no body else in my family really does, with the hair. Sewing has been picked up by a couple of my sisters, but we all sew differently so it's fun for my mother to craft with each of us and see our skills and ways of doing things.  I have even been able to show her a thing or two.  
With Mother's Day just around the corner, I decided to start planning fun little projects.  I have lots of material I would like to see gone out of my stock pile, getting used by my long list of  To Do's.  I am on a big natural kick right now.  Why not?  WHy not try to save the planet.  Every little bit counts.  Napkins is a fantasatic way to contribute.  In my house with three kids, we go through alot, so I resorted to buying from the Dollar store.  WRONG ANSWER!  they are like tissue paper.  Don't waste your time.  So then I was getting the cute printed ones from IKEA.  Then I thought, I need to use the fabric napkins I already have more often, that lead to...MAKE MORE CUTE ONES!!!  
My mom just moved states, and so as a little house warming gift/Mother's Day gift I thought napkins would be great.  And I would have a matching set as well.

I used an Amy Butler fat quarter bundle purchased from this shop HERE.  She has a Great selection of fabrics.  I did these two ways to accomadate the serger owners, and the NOT serger owners out there.

So each fat quarter will make two napkins, so grab however many you need.

Start by washing and ironing

Cut them in half on the 22 inch 11 inches

If your serging, just serge around the edges.  Simple!  

Now if your going to use your sewing machine, fold over and press each corner 1/2 inch.

Then fold over each edge 1/4 inch and press

use a zig zag stitch so the fabric edge is in the center.  This will keep it from fraying, and its cute.  It just takes a little more time per napkin. 

Look at all those cute colors!!!  Spring is here... Mom will love it I think.


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