Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Many of my favorite things

It's September.i have a huge smile on my face. Which means many of my favorite things for me are coming up. 1. Halloween is quickly approaching. You know how much I love halloween, my haunted houses and everything spooky. I have been doing research/pinning ideas for this years haunted house. I have already been "unfollow"ed by a few people already and received a couple of messages here and there regarding my great love for Halloween culture. It's time to get ready for the haunt already. Gotta get with my partner in crime and start the execution of this marvelous time. Let me put something out there. I am a loving mother and wife. I have a great uplifting fun spiritual home. I'm not a coddled person nor do I coddle my kids. I tell it how it is and I tell my kids the truth about things. I do use discretion in making my props when they are around but honestly they love it too. They are less afraid when they help me cause then they can see that the lady staring down fom the corner in the ceiling really is a mask I painted and glued black hair extensions too and black garbage sacks. They know the body bags stacked up are full of newspaper. I don't torture them, I tell them that this is just fun, and they better suck it up cause this is how it is. Do I take my kids trick or treating? Nope. That's dads job. I get a night doing my absolute favorite thing. It makes me laugh at how giddy I get. So please just know that I am a normal person with an absolute love for all things spooky. I don't like blood and gore that to me is gross. I really love ghosts and shadows. So stay tuned as I prep for the most wonderful time of the year (insert creepy giggle)
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2.  Holiday Boutique!  I am excited to join a new one this year.  Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market.  So amazing!  Its going to be the biggest one I have done.  A lot of work and prep will and is going into this.  I have a 7x15 foot space to set up shop.  SO i need to fill it with lots of cute vintage decor that will showcase all my new things.  OOOHHH EEEEEKKKK  I'm freaking out a little, but that's ok.  Come join in the fun November 9th at Westworld in Scottsdale.  9-3pm!

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  1. AHH Scary! But i'm looking forward to the Haunted House!
    Yay im so excited for Junk in the Trunk and that you are going to be in it!!!