Wednesday, September 18, 2013

oh me oh my

I'm 1 order away from being caught up with orders from the shop.  Then it's tackling all the skirt orders from the Maxi Skirt Party this last weekend.  That was awesome.  I need to be better about taking pictures from those parties so you can all see how crazy fun and chaotic it is.  I need a partner there to help me just measure people for me for custom fittings.  Between that and answering questions, going through fabric swatches and matching the perfect print with personality, it is a crazy fun and stressful couple of hours.  Everyone has so much fun trying on and modeling all the skirts I bring.  

Today I put the covers on my machines after I finished a skirt for an order.  I tackled a few organizational necessities around the house.  Then I realized I was so disorganized.  With all the inventory piling up getting ready for my next Skirt Party and the two boutique shows in November, I am running out of space.  I really wish I had a whole wall of IKEA shelf cubes stuffed with various wire baskets and inventory happily folded and waiting.  What I really need to do though is go through some of my fabric and notions and either do something with it or get rid of it.  I would love to have a stash party at my house where everyone comes and brings all their scraps and things they don't want to use anymore and we do a sale or trade with everyone that comes!!  Wouldn't that be fun?  A Junk Show?  OOOOHHH I gotta plan that. :)

My goal is to have empty counter space or decoration purposes, not for storing my many yards of fabric.  That is another reason why I am having the fantastic sale in my SHOP!  50% off of EVERYTHING THAT IS LEFT!  Mostly it is baby things, but I want them out!  
I have tried making my Studio Space wonderful by eye catching repurposed furnature and such, but it can still be an eye sore because of my mountains of fabric.  IT is in my Living room of the house.  Right when you walk in the front door, BAM there it is.  So if it is a mess then it can make the whole house look down right ratty.  I try everyday to keep it clean, but now its just getting out of hand with all the inventory.  Oh well I do what I can.

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  1. you're amazing Tricia! looks like a room id love to visit. and a maxi party sounds so fun!