Thursday, October 17, 2013

A day to look forward to

With all the craziness in my life right now, no wonder I look forward to the weekend. Overdue quality playing time with the kids, sleeping in...wait that never happens, homemade breakfasts, fresh air, maybe throw in a pointless 5 minute nap on the floor when the littles are trying to play airplane on you. It's all that I look forward to. No agenda no expectations. So today we did just that.

Got a much needed phone call from a gentleman that asked for my thoughts and ideas on a. Haunted house he is doing for a fundraiser. Um YES! Since I had to cancel my own haunted house this year cause other things have made me too busy to do so. And what was his theme? Insane asylum! Just like mine. I suggested he come over so we could really go over what I could help out with. He displayed a layout of a empty house that the owners are letting them use. How cool!? He then told me he has been following my halloween Pinterest board, YES! So we planned and I suggested and I gave him the props I had to use. I won't be in charge of this event but you better know I am helping out as much as I can. Yay!
So since we had pulled out the props I made last year, I then decorated the from yard a little. Just need some massive spider webs and a few body bags and I'll be complete.

It was a beautiful day today. The weather being perfect to be playing in the front. Bikes were out, sidewalk chalk, the dog...yes finally it is getting cooler. So to celebrate he change, I made a yummy treat tonight for our movie night. White chocolate covered pretzel popcorn. Deliciously creamy salty and crunchy. Perfection. Good day!

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