Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Gift idea for your little girl

Tis the season for warmth in the midst of the cold and good fun making it happen.  Crocheting is something I truely enjoy doing during the holidays.  It keeps me awake through watching tv once I sit down....sort of. ha ha.  I have been busy trying to get more things done for my last show this weekend.  The Peoria HOliday Boutique.  I sold out of everything and then some at my last show so I have been busy.  I thought it would be nice to try some scarfs and boot cuffs for the littles for a change.  I made a couple while at my last show and handed them to some cute little girls that came with their moms.  I had to get them just right.  They thought it was pretty neat they got something for FREE>  Don't you?  

The cool thing about this pattern is that it works for child and adult.  ONE SIZE!  so you can share :)  This is a super basic pattern with a twist.  Your using a much larger needle to acheive a looser, light weight feel.  Also doesn't hurt that it makes it go a little faster too.

Materials needed:
Yarn about 16 oz
crochet hook size 9 mm
and scissors to finish

Make your slip knot on your hook

loosely CH 60, turn

CH 3, then DC in every CH

Repeat to make 14 rows.

Join the ends and Slip Stitch them together then ending with a knot, and trim.  IF your a seasoned crocheter this will take you roughly 30 minutes.  I'm down with that!  What a fun little quick present.  My girls love theirs.  I couldn't wait until Christmas to give them to them.  

Boot cuffs?  Ill write a pattern on those later this week :)


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