Saturday, April 19, 2014

Avacado Cauliflower Tacos- a Plant Based Meal

The day I made these I was craving some yummy homemade corn tortillas and avocados.  So I decided to get creative and come up with a yummy ensemble.  Cauliflower you ask?  Yep.  I have been seeing so many cauliflower recipes out there that are pretty random and realizing all the great benefits of using cauliflower in my diet more so I thought, "heck, why not have my own cauliflower creation?".  This dish turned out so fantastic I was actually really surprised.  So impressed by my "skills" I though I would share with you all the recipe since so many of you asked when I posted pictures. 
Masa Flour for the corn tortillas (I used one batch for the recipe on the bag it made roughly around 16 tortillas so I had left overs for lunch the next day)
2 avocados or more if you want diced up
1 head of cauliflower
cooked brown rice
cooked lentils
cooked quinoa
chopped fresh cilantro
lime wedges
your favorite hot sauce
diced red onion (optional)
While the brown rice quinoa and lentils are cooking in their separate pans, prepare your tortillas according to the package directions.  I bought the Great Value Brand of Corn Tortilla mix.  This is the first time I have bought corn tortilla flour, I like it so I think next time I will purchase the good authentic stuff, which I am sure is even more awesome.  If you don't have a tortilla press, don't fret.  Make your dough, take a golf ball size ball of dough and put it in between two pieces of parchment paper.  Get a heavy large glass bowl and press firmly down as much and as hard as you can.  IT will create a cute little round tortilla.  Immediately throw it on your skillet to cook til slightly browned on the edges.  Keep them warm in a tortilla dish, covered. 
dice and chop up your cilantro and avocado.  sprinkle lime juice on the avocados with a little lime juice to keep from turning brown.  cut some lime wedges.  dice your onion and put everything in litte serving dishes.  I use my ramekins they are the perfect size for all these fresh ingredients.  clean and break apart your cauliflower in small pieces and Sautee them in a little olive oil and garlic salt and pepper.  Put in a serving dish. 
Making your taco:
grab your warm fresh tortilla and put a small spoonful of rice on it.
sprinkle with lime juice
top with hot sauce
Oh my heck.  I was so impressed with my creation I had 6 tacos that night. :)
Let me know what you think.  Trust me you won't even miss the meet and cheese.
Did you know that not only does the lentils provide your protein you need for this dish, but the quinoa is packed full of protein!!!!  a great and hearty side for any plant based dish instead of meat.
If you are more interested in learning about the benefits of a Plant based Diet, head on over to Forks Over Knives.  If you have an Amazon Prime or Netflix account you can watch the amazing documentary as well.  This has changed my view on food and my health and has naturally gotten my children out of the picky kid eating stage. 

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