Thursday, November 20, 2014

An Inspiration to us all...Be The Change part 3

I love these three stories!

-@saragprice said: I will nominate my sister Gina.  On November 12, 2012 she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  The tumor sits on top of the motor skills portion of her brain.  She has lost the use of her left arm and most of the use in her left leg.  She has lost the ability to live on her own (she's only 48).  She is now living with her oldest son and his sweet little family.  She is a mom of 6 kids.  She has lost the to her ex-husband because he told the courts she can't take care of them.  We were helping her with it, but the courts felt they knew better.  This has turned her life and world upside down.  However, she still calls to check on me, to tell me she loves me.  She is still on of my kids most favorite people because she genuinely loves them.  She is still fighting cancer, she's winning, but is a daily fight.  She's had chemo every two weeks for the last two years almost.  Her spirit is amazing and strong to win this, would brighten her life so very much! 

-@candrawynne said: I want to nominate Ani @servetogether.  Ive never met her in person but I read about her daughter Ruby a little over 3 years ago as she struggled to live while waiting for a liver transplant. She passed away at a little 7 months old but not without teaching thousands of people of the importance of organ donation.  Ani and her husband have worked hard to continue on with the work and have done and incredible job.  Because of Ruby I am a registered donor :) this week marks 3 years since Ruby passed away and Ani has once again gone above and beyond and is starting @servetogether where everyone can "be the change" and serve their fellow man.  Ani also has two beautiful girls including one born since Ruby's passing that would look adorable in BP designs clothing.  My hope is that if Ani won this contest, she would wear a smile through eh anniversary of Ruby's passing and know that there are so many people that still remember Ruby's story and know that they are forever grateful for the work that they are doing to bring awareness for organ donation.

Take a moment to checkout the Site HERE that ANI started.

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