Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fall Feather Garland Tutorial

Once Halloween is over, I am usually pooped out from decorating until Christmas comes around.  This year was no different, but I have been trying to do more holiday activities and crafts with the kids instead of just for Halloween and Christmas.  Also since we are having company for Thanksgiving this year I wanted to have at least my mantel decorated a little.  It was perfect when Michaels was having 80% off fall décor and crafts the day after Halloween.  The littles and I popped on over and we picked some stuff out.  They each picked out little foam craft kits and I picked up some leaves and these awesome feathers.  I instantly knew I wanted to make a feather garland and some Indian Headbands with the kids.  The colors of feathers just caught my eye.  The different textures and colors were perfect! 
So Grab your glue gun, feathers and hemp rope and let's get to it!
cut your rope as long as you want it.

This bag has quite the pile of feathers so I went through them and picked out my favorite and created a pattern.

Start hot glueing the feather stems to the rope.

I had some left over pallet wood from making my cemetery fence so I grabbed my gold paint marker and wrote a pretty harvest saying and then glued some feathers to each end.

I love my "hello" sign and love decorating it different for each holiday.

Then I also made little feather ornaments to hang from each hook along with the kids foam crafts they made.

Have fun using these feathers and don't forget to vacuum after your done :)

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