Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Blessings

This year, more than ever, I have felt an urge to "Do Good".  I am not sure why because I always try to "do good".  Maybe because my last two Christmas' were a bust.  When I had Greyson right before Christmas and came home the day before Christmas Eve dealing with all the emotions of a new baby and new mommy again, with having my other children as well then ending up in the hospital on Christmas Day due to a possible blood clot :(, then last year, working so hard on gifts for my girls not realizing I was spoiling them. The day was horrific with fighting and bratty-ness that I ended up in tears in my bedroom angry with them but really myself.  We keep threatening them "I will take away all your presents under the tree if you don't stop that attitude".  Do you know how many times we said that and never once followed through?  I was so sad that it became just another crazy day.  I had forgotten to teach them about Christmas and why we have it.  Don't get me wrong, they know that Jesus was born and that is why we have it, but I didn't really focus or teach them really anymore about it and the Spirit that comes with it. 
My life and inner self has change some over the last few months finding the purpose with my business and giving back to my community and others around the world.  I see what others don't have but still are happy.  I want that.  This season, I am determined to help my children understand it isn't about the presents under the tree but the other 'gifts' that come with Christmas.  A present is a material object, a gift is a feeling and sacrifice.  I made my holiday calendar and wrote down the important things I needed to do.  NEEDED.  What?  Who NEEDs to do half the things on my list?  If I showed it to you, I am sure you would relate with the things that you feel you NEED to do during the holidays.  I quickly changed it to things I GET to do and things I WANT to do.  Christmas presents being one of those things. 
I have tried really hard to stick to the cute saying "Something I want, Something I need, Something to wear, something to read" for my kids.  I tend to go over board and make several trips back to the store with returns, but then still end of spoiling them.  This year is different.  I almost feel guilty.  I bought them conservative gifts and things that go along with that saying X2. lol.  Since I do all the shopping, I over buy and go over it all with my hubs so he can decide what we ultimately keep as a present.  Check that off the list now.  I stuck to the plan.  Next thing on my list was to help those in need.  I want my children to see those opportunities on their own. Often times they do, but I don't recognize them or tell them.  Compassion is natural for some but needs to be learned as well.  So to help with this task and guiding my little spirits to the way of the true meaning of Christmas, I came up with the "Christmas Spirit Tree"
Please follow along the pictures to see.

I save my Christmas cards from people every year.  I have always hung them back up, but saved them for future crafts.  Today was the day I crafted with them. Cut the cards into circles and squares of different sizes, or uniform sizes if you are a bit OCD ;)

There is that sweet baby JESUS.

Use your hole puncher and make a little hole

Tie your thread on each Ornament.

Now here is the fun part.  Look for ways to serve those around you.  Spreading Christmas Cheer if you will.  Write them on the ornament with your name.  This has helped my girls be on the "lookout" for opportunities.  Each day I ask them what they did to help Christmas Spirit.  They write it down and put it on our cute little twig tree.  It is filling up everyday.  I love our tree.  I love seeing their acts of kindness or service.  So everyday there is something we do either as a family or as individuals that brings the Christmas Spirit into our home.

I hope you will start this tradition in your home.  This is what it is about.  Spreading God's love to ALL his Children.  Merry Christmas to you and may all your days be filled with kindness and love for all.

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