Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"plaid" I can Be The Change

I was finally able to do a last minute photo shoot. I hate being the model, but time was no longer available to get my usual gals and I needed photos done like yesterday.  So welcome the new Be the Change Baseball Tee, The Buffalo Plaid Pencil Skirt, and the Black and White Ikat Pencil Skirt.  This is just a few to get started and plan to finish the Sweater Kimono, the Sweater Poncho and the other Plaid skirt and new floral and Houndstooth tomorrow.  This AZ cloudy weather has been a dream to do photos in and I want to thank my other business half who helps me out so much, Melissa, who took the photos for me.  Enjoy!!

(yes, that's some pink hair...thanks ipiccy.com to allow me to try on hair color  lol)

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