Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It's Within Your Reach

So many times I sit and think to myself, as I sit on my couch watching my latest Netflix romance, "I'm bored with my life". I know I know your probably thinking how could that be possible with all I have going on..right? I am talking about my personal life. The life I lead when I am not wearing the "boss lady" hat for the biz. Raise your hand if you get in a rut way too often when kids are in school? It's so easy to do right? Nod your head with me so I don't feel stupid. Every day the same thing, wake up, eat, school, clean the house, put in a load of laundry, make phone calls, scratch some things off your "to do" list, kids come home, a fury of hunger is scratching at the pantry, you make food, do homework, throw in some play time before you start making dinner, dinner is always a circus. Why pay to go see the circus when you can come to my house? Shower kids wrestle them to get dressed and calm down, yelling fighting, then praying, tucking, scratching backs, kisses, sit on the couch, repeat. Yep. We do it. That's why we deserve our weekends! To refuel for the drama that is our lives starting Monday. I picked up a few magazines one day to support my Phoenix locals. It inspired me from the pages I read that if I'm sitting on the couch, I need to do the opposite. Get outside! We have been blessed with so many little things hat are just..there... They aren't going anywhere. They are waiting to be seen, and discovered. They are natures gifts. To remind us hat beauty in life is within our reach. We just have to extend our hand and take it. Make it ours. Own your life. You deserve it.

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