Wednesday, August 26, 2015

It's a good day to have a good day

We pack our kids up and send them off to school. For some it's a sad day, shedding tears that they will miss their little companions but for me it is a glorious day when I send my children off to school after a busy long summer.

I don't know about you but I have a temper. I get set off easily and I am quick to get heated so it makes for long summer Arizona days or what some people call it in the winter time "cabin fever". I spend many hours coming up with activities some big and some small for my children to enjoy during the sweltering days. But I feel like for my children it isn't enough. Maybe I have done too much go for them so they expect more? Not sure, but I feel I don't make everyday like Disneyland because my schedule doesn't allow. I like to keep a pretty clean and organized house and I do make my kids work a lot. But the more time they spend together and with me the more we head off to WWIII. Not good. It should be amazing right? Why can't I be that mom who has amazing tempered kids that don't fight every blasted second of the day. Why can't I be the mom who knows how to control her temper and never says hurtful things to her kids cause sometimes she doesn't know what else to do?

After being the "patient" for a turn to my hair clients and pouring my hearts out to them about my mom problems I learned some wise words. My picture perfect image I had of how I was going to parent my children couldn't be further away from my reality. I needed to change my mold to fit the personalities of the precious little nuggets I gave birth to. And you know what it always came down to? Me. I was the problem. I knew it but it has always been so hard to change.
I made a list of things I needed to do because of things I hadn't done. Downloaded a couple parenting books✔️ subscribed to some daily parenting tips✔️ ask the Lord to help me✔️. Now the things I wasn't doing. Reading the scriptures with questions in my mind😳 making changes to some daily routines 😳 really thinking of my reaction before I react.

I made a goal once I sent the kids to school that it was gonna be better. It's ok to be glad that I have some space from them. Our personalities need it. So I needed to truely indulge in them when I do have them.
Today I realized something. After having a horrible cold for a week I haven't been able to yell. I made it a goal last week to read and write while partaking of the scriptures. Having questions in my mind while I'm reading. They get answered. And since I have been doing that, miracles have happened. I have stayed more calm when my children get me angry. I have stayed more patient with them when they are persistent in their disobedience. I have stuck to my guns because I can't yell without coughing up a lung. It has been more peaceful in my home. We have also taken away electronics and TV on Sunday's except for some inspirational shows or movies at the very end of the day to wind down before bed. And man the dynamic of our home has been wonderful. It has been richer. Such a good feeling. So as I realized all this today that I am on the way to self mastery. I stopped and literally smiled at my thoughts. I patted myself on my back and took my kids to the park. If I can do it you can too. You got this👊🏻

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