Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Handmade Christmas- Easy Toy Bag

I need alot of these for all the little random things/toys we have laying around.  Since I decided to do last minute paper dolls for my Pia, I thought they needed a special place so they wouldn't get lost.  So Why not do a really simple draw string bag?

Cut the fabric to what ever size rectangle or square, cut 2 of them.  Sew right sides together leaving the opening at the top.

Then zig zag or serge the opening edges so you don't have to fold an press your hem. 

Get your button hole presser foot out and make two button holes next to each other.  You may want to practic this on a scrap fabric first to get the spacing right.

take your seam ripper and carefully cut the fabric in the button holes without cutting the thread.

with the bag inside out, fold the top so you are folding the button holes in half/ in the middle.  Press/iron in place and pin.  You are now making the casing for the draw string.

Sew your casing all the way around.  You don't need to leave an opening for anything cause that is what the button holes are for. 

use what ever type of "string" you would like.  I use jersey knit cause I have a lot of it, it stretches and doesn't fray so I can just cut and go.  I cut mine so it is 2 inches wide.

thread the string through one hole and out the other. 

Tie knots and trim

There you have it!  A safe place for any toy that needs a cute home.

enjoy!!  Merry Christmas

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