Friday, December 23, 2011

Shabby Flower Tutorial

You can never have too many ways to make flowers.  My cute friend, Brittany of Paisley Lace and Pearls showed me this idea.  And since she doesn't blog, she allowed me to share it with you.  This is simple and fun.  So grab your scissors and favorite cotton fabric!

cut a stack of circles small to big, 5-6 layers is nice. You can alternate fabric patterns, or do as I did and turn the fabric over  so it is more "sheer".

take each petal and stretch lightly, this makes it fray and makes the the cirle crinkel/wavey.  Follow all the way around the circle.

stack them all back together and look how pretty!

stitch them in the center so they stay together.

embellish what you want...  In this case I was making a custom order for a customer.  She let me have creative freedom with this and so I take those opportunities to try new things.

center it off with buttons or pearls, whatever is pretty!!  These are great for outfits, or headbands or to embellish bags or scarfs.  Enjoy another easy great flower tutorial.  Thanks Brittany!  Be sure to visit her cute SHOP and see what she has in store!!


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