Monday, December 19, 2011

Handmade Christmas- Paper Dolls

So as stocking stuffers I thought it would be nice for my girls to give them paper dolls.  But how do I do that without then tearing them to shreds?  Laminate and then use either magnets or velcro peices to help them stick instead of the little tabs.  So Here is a couple of sites you can go to that are good and safe for all sorts of your kids favorite characters that you can print for free and make paper dolls, and yes  there are even twilight ones!  One of the sites is called Color Cut & Create.  It has all these fabulouse options plus more!

THen there is Disney Junior website.  They have paper puppets and paper dolls for most of the princesses.  These though, you would need to color yourself. 
What a fun gift that is pretty much free!  Just the cost of paper and the ink from your printer!  Enjoy!

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