Thursday, May 17, 2012

Basic Skirt and Pocket Tutorial

Need a quick fix?  Here it is.  Easy but cute.  So easy you might find yourself making a bunch right in a row.  I made a couple for birthday gifts.  It was fun, simple, different and sweet.  If you are new to sewing, here is your first project!!  This is also a great way to go through some fabric that you need to get through before you can get more...(i have a lot of that)

Your going to cut a basic rectangle.  This is for a cute 4 year old girl.  I measured 30 inches wide, by 14 inches long.  This hits right around the knee once hemmed.  With the right sides together, fold the skirt in half so the 14 inch edges meet, sew them together.

Iron/press that seam so it lays nice and flat.

next you will make your elastic casing.  you can do 2 ways.  If you have a serger, or you want to use your Overcasting foot, or do a zig zag along the edge go ahead and do so.  Then fold and iron.  I used 3/4 inch elastic so I made my casing fold 1 inch.  If you don't have a serger, overcasting foot, or you don't want to zig zag around the edge, you can fold and press a 1/4 inch, then fold your other inch and press.  Sew your casing leaving about an inch opening for insterting the elastic.

next do your bottom hem using the same techniques as the casing, but just make a half inch hem.  Then sew.  If you want to make it really nice do a double needle stitch, or if you don't have a double needle, then just sew right next to your first hem.

Pockets.  This is a fun easy thing to add spice to any peice.  This is a basic pocket to introduce you into the world of pockets and all the styles.  Cut two pockets a little larger than you want. 

serge or fold down the top, then fold again and press and stitch about 1 inch.

Now fold and press 1/4 inch all the way around the pocket.  This is going to be probably the toughest part, but its not hard.  Its just going to make some creases and little pleats since you are working with rounded corners, but just know that it doesn't matter.   Just as long as you follow the shape of the pocket.

Then once pressed, place pocket right side out on your skirt and pin, making sure all those pressed edges stay on the underside.

Now top stitch along the pocket minus the opening (top).  Top stitch is as close to the edge.  And since you did a 1/4 inch fold under the pocket, you need to make sure you stay real close to the edge so those folds are sewn down to the skirt.

There they are, Not perfect, but still cute.  I don't do too many pockets, but I am gonna make them my new "thing"  :0)

Insert your elastic

overlap by an inch and zig zag stitch a couple times and reinforce it well.  Then sew your opening shut.  There you have it!!

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