Monday, May 21, 2012

Monogrammed Blanket

This has been one of my favorites so far.  This is such a great easy project for beginners as well.  This is a great idea for a shower gift for sewers of all levels.  It is a great way to make things unique and personal.
I had a ton of this blue flannel.  The thought came to me this past week as Grey has been getting his way out of his swaddles.  I have been using the stretchy jersy blankets to swaddle him.  He just stretches and sretches his arms til he gets them out.  Then it wakes him up or he pulls his binky out or whatever.  Then that means I have to get up at night to fix the issue.  So I decided to make him a swaddling blanket.  But personalize it.  Of course with the color grey.  I promise I didn't name him after my favorite color.  It really was a coinsidence.  So here we go.

Sewable Heat n Bond
scraps of material for lettering.  I used an extra jersy knit sheet cause it wont fray.  Makes the lettering part easier.
Flanel fabric cut 30x30 inches or so.  Big enough for swaddling  Or if you just want it as a floor blanket...whatever you want to do.
sewing machine and thread

Print lettering from your computer

cut it out to use as stencils, or if you have a real good hand, eyebal and draw the letters on the Heat n Bond

cut the heat n bond to fit the fabric.  Iron it to the wrong side of the fabric.  Then trace or draw your letters backwards on to the heat n bond paper.

cut out your letters, remove the paper and iron them to the fabric/blanket.

stitch around ech letter to secure in place.  Especially so because you don't want Baby to peel of the letters...choking hazard.

now I have a serger, so this next step was my final.  I just serged around the edges.  Other options might be bias tape binding, or folding over the edges and making a hem all around the blanket.  I chose of course the easiest and fastest way.

Ijust couldn't wait to take these pictures of Grey with his blanket.  I love this kid.  I have had so much fun training my brain to do boy projects for a change.  More projects to come this week!!! 



  1. Thanks so much for doing this! It's going to come in handy! .....Your the Best! :)