Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cucumber Salad

One of my absolute favorite salads for the summer time.  I grew up sitting outside on my wood back porch eating my cucumber salad along with my mom's awesome sloppy joes and homemade potatoe salad.  Doesn't that sound so good?  Also I remember picking the cucumbers and onions from my grandparent's garden and washing them clean so they could be prepared for this treat.  I can feel the heat from the sun melting my sunburned cheeks as I sit on the back patio on Malad, ID.  Always enjoying yummy food from the best garden ever.

Now you may have already tried this but let me just remind you how wonderful this is.  I like the long hot House Cucumbers, they are a little more expensive, but worth it.  They come individually wrapped in plastic wrap.  Partially peel them, and slice.  Add Red onion or Sweet Onion, a little pepper.

Now for vinegar you can try different ones.  Balsamic, Seasioned Rice Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar, or regular WHite Vinegar with a little water added.  Mix it up and let it sit for about 30 minutes before serving.  This allows the flavors to really melt together and seap into the pores of the vegis.  Sometimes I even add a few grape tomatoes and Feta Cheese.  You can get all kinds of creative with this salad.  SOoo good with grilled kabobs.  Yummy!!

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