Friday, July 27, 2012

DIY Crib Skirt from twin Bed Skirt

So after stashing some things under the crib, I realized I need to Hide it better.  You can see right through under the crib and see all the extra parts and drawers and things for when you change the crib to a bed.  I wasn't in the mood for making whole skirt from scratch, although it is easy, it is time comsuming.  I needed a quick fix.  So While at Target one evening with the fam, I grabbed a twin bed skirt.  So if you see one in the bedding isle that you like, grab it!!!

Lay the skirt out on the floor.  Place the mattress on top.

start cutting around the mattress and cutting the skirt off the sides and ends so you can reattach them later to the under part of the skirt.

PIn right sides together of the skirt and the underpart of the long sides first.  Sew. Then do the short ends.  You can choose to do all four sides, or do just the front long and the two sides.  Whichever you want. Guess what??  Your done!  Place it in your crib!

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