Monday, July 30, 2012

Notebook Ts

Another School year is coming and that mean school supplies!  Why not look the part too?  At very little cost, you can make a fantastic outfit, customized to your child.  Notebook ts.  Here is what to do and Some examples of all that I have done for babies, tweens and Adults.

Get your fabric markers, or sharpies and a ruler.

First draw your double pink line on the left side

Draw your blue lines.  The bigger the shirt the wider you want them, or if you are writing a message, you want it larger as well.  If you are just doing a plain notebook paper, you can do it either way.  I have done both and it is cute.  See picture below on onesies.

draw your holes in the paper

draw/write design or message or freezer paper stencil something, like an initial, like I did on the infant shirt below.  WHen you are done make sure you Iron over everything to set the ink. Then wash as normal.

Here are some ideas.

This reflects my paper all throughout my school years.  Doodling.  Since I am an artist, i couldn't help it.

I did this one customized for a customer.  She is awesome!  Thanks Jennifer!

Here is one with lots of lines and just a little name printed on the top right

Freezer Paper Stenciled

Small lines and a note, personalize it with your favorite people's names!  So cute!
Hope to get you off to a great school year!!!

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  1. Love them, Trish!! You have such creative talent! xx