Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nursing Cover & Scarf in 1...wish I had this when I was nursing

Totally wishing right now that either I had this when I was nursing 6 months ago, or wishing I was having another baby soon.  That won't be happening for a while if at all, so all I can do is wear it the 2 ways, as a blouse and scarf, instead of a nursing cover.  A blouse and scarf you ask?  Yep  This is a three in one product.  I know your day just got better didn't it?  Well let me make it even MORE awesome by telling you this project takes all of 10 minutes!  No I didn't stutter...yes 10 MINUTES!  You can thank me in a comment at the end of the tutorial ;0).

You ready for this glorious discovery?

you will need the following:
1 yard of CUTE knit fabric that you would wear.

yeah, that's all :0)

The fold is at the bottom

the fold is at the bottom

hello!  A scarf too?  A shirt/ nursing cover and scarf!  Fantastic!!

These lucky things will be added to the shop soon!  I am recruiting my much better looking friend to model with her babe.  


  1. How do you fold/roll it up to do the scarf??? It's so cute, btw!!!

  2. I'm with Danielle, how do you fold it so nicely? I love this!

  3. Just tuck the corners in til it looks right. :)

  4. Haha. Sounds so simple. It wouldn't look nearly as nice on me if I was responsible for tucking in the corners. Great tutorial though, I'll be making one of these this week.

  5. I have a question about where to cut it down to 25 inches. Do you cut it down from the width (down from 45 inches) or the length (down from 36 inches)?

  6. Did you hem any of the edges or just let them roll? Even on the neck opening? Great tute! Making this this weekend for me and a couple friends :)

  7. the corner where my neck line and side hem meet is more boxy than yours. It looks funny. Not sure what I did. ) :

  8. Super cute and very simple! I just finished mine in a few minutes and I'm currently testing mine as a nursing cover. :-) One question though, how did you loop it for an infinity scarf? TIA! :-)