Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Summer Shorts

Summer is around the corner, but here in Arizona, it already is in the 90's-low 100's.  We have already hit up the water park, and swimming pools a few times.  It's nice to lay out in the sun.  I love it.  I was born to be here.  Along with that, I have my beautiful garden I tend to every day once or twice.  I love looking at how much it grows everyday and the excitement of blossoms means I will get to enjoy the fruits of my labors soon!  I have already been enjoying my herbs and lots of lettuce for the last month or so and I am in love.  
The children love helping along with diggin in the dirt themselves, and enjoying buckets of water and the sprinkler.  Greyson included.  we have been fortunate to receive some awesome hand-me-down clothes and he sports those every day.  With being outside all the time that means he can't wear the shorts more than one day cause they are filthy, and sometimes he wears 2 pairs a day.  So I needed more quick.  I have tons of scraps from making the maxi skirts, so I though why not?
I used my basic short's pattern HERE. Then added flat square pockets and a fauxe tie at the waist.

cut your pockets to the size that would fit your shorts

serge or zig zag around the edge or leave it stitchless if your useing knit like me.

before sewing the back and front peices of your shorts together, place the pockets on the front side of the shorts and pin, with a little extra hanging off the side.  sew all around except the rounded out part.

Then proceed to sew the front and back side of the shorts together down the sides, continue to finish with the elastic waistband.

For the tie, I cut a piece of knit fabric so that it wasn't too long and thick, about 1 inch by 10 inches, folded in half.

stitched in to the center front of the waist.

then tied it in a bow.  Now he has a fun pair of shorts, that are light weight.  He can even wear them to the pool.  Which I am doing today... :)

He's happy!

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