Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Market Bag

Bags make everything cuter!  I grocery shop so much its getting old.  So I started going to farmer's markets. FUN!  I then decided my new activity needed a cute bag.  

For this project you will need 5 cuts of fabric.  I chose contrasting fabric for each section.  Then I grabbed a bag I already had and measured.  

Here is the pattern I made.  The big peice is the main part of the bag, I chose stripes.  The smaller 2 peices are the sides of the bag, I chose polka dots, then the two long pieces are the straps.

take the side pieces and match right sides together at each corner on the same end of the big piece.

sew along the long side first, then repeat for the other side piece

it should look like this.

next, pin and sew the big peice to the bottom of the side piece, and repeat for the other side piece.

it should look like this when you hold it up.
Then pin and sew the rest up the sides, your bag is formed.

I serged the top of the bag then folded over 1/2 inch and made a hem

grab your straps and fold over each edge 1.4 inch, then fold the strap in half and press.

fold the bottoms 1/4 inch and top stitch around the entire strap.

place and pin where you need your straps on the bag.

do a top stitch in a square around the strap pinned to the bag. repeat for all 4 strap ends.

use it for carrying fun things to the pool, the market, the library!  Where ever your heart shall take you, don't forget to take your new bag along for the adventure!

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