Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DIY clothing tags

Have you ever used washi tape?  I am so late on this band wagon so if you haven't either, great! Your not along.  I am trying to be a good girl and be organized and plan ahead for my next Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market on May 3rd.  I decided I would start making some of these tags.  The little things such as tags and marking you prices on everything you have takes a long time.  I love the look of handmade tags and I feel that every little DIY touch makes a difference in your clientele you reach and your sales.  I ordered my cool stamp from Twin Soul Art Studio.  I found this gal on Instagram because someone else I follow had ordered from her.  She is super cute and wonderful so I ordered one with my business name and web address.  You can even had a stamp handle for a few dollars more so it makes stamping more even and easier on your hands when doing large quantities.  Next I found some cute washi tape I fell in love with and thought surely I would find some reason to use it.  Then the hang tags came to mind.  I bought the tape from Talking Twin and Trim.  Some of the cutest paper supplies in the latest trends.  Simple and clean. 
I love the simplicity of craft card stock.  I bought it in huge pack for making business cards and tags.  I love it.  So for my tags I cut them 2x3.5 inches using my paper cutter.

Punch a hole where you want your twine to go.  I bought my twin from Swigs Shoppe. 

Stamp your tags

Place some tape on the top and bottom or wherever you want and your done!  Aren't they cute?  I can't wait to use them!!

What are you favorite ways to use washi Tape?  Please share!

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  1. I follow your steps in making these clothing tag. Will do these for my retailing clothes that I sell for my business.