Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Oh how I love thee, Maxi skirts


 I have been so busy with some awesome Maxi skirt parties the last couple weeks.  When I prepare for a party I go through a tough process of selecting various fabrics that are new, fun and fresh.  I fill my digital shopping cart with roughly $200 worth of fabric to make skirts in various sizes reaching the wide range color and print spectrum.  Its hard sometimes to select just a few.  Trying to decide what are people's styles are for the great Maxi. 

  Meet this cute black and white Aztec/tribal print.  I have bought it a few times before for doing my new drape Cardigan/scarfs and thought, that would make a great skirt.  Was I right?  Look at that?  I was so excited to have this for the party that I instantly decided I would have those ready to buy in the shop as well.  I asked my dear friend to come model for me again.  Took great pictures showing off the wonderful print.  Next I head to my computer to add more fabric to my shopping cart and BAM....SOLD OUT....WHAT???!!! to top it off I see the other colors in the same print are on clearance...which tells me this.  They are trying to get rid of their inventory in their wharehouse.  BUMMER !  Look at how fabulous that print is.  I made a couple in the purple print and the green print, but nothing is beautiful of this black and white. 


 Then there is this awesome "new wave" fabric.  I thought..."okay, this is different and I think this will be awesome as a skirt"  what do you think?  I am in love.  I ordered plenty of the fabric so order up!!  You will look fabulous!  People at the parties also loved it and I got a few orders in it. 

 Meet my new venture!  The "Two Faced" Pencil skirt.  Carefully selected prints that are different but that will definitely work together.  My husband looked at these photos and said, "Trish...are you sure?  I thought that was a big no no?"  I assure you honey, this is the thing now.  I know... who would have thought?  Here is what I like about this,  You can wear prints that you probably wouldn't normally wear.  Then you have a choice....leopard one day...floral the next.  Personally I like the leopard in front.  I apply my labels in the side seam so you don't have to worry about those.  There is a fold over waist band like the maxi skirts so you can either where it higher waisted, or down on your lower waist. cute is that skirt?  I ordered another two prints so stay tuned!

Now lets discuss the food that was served at this maxi skirt party.  Dirty Diet Coke or Dr Pepper anyone?  Oh my goodness.  Then different cheese balls.  Red velvet cheese ball, bicoff, Pecan, Garlic and Citrus.  Oh my!!!  All with various crackers and cookies, or the occasional spoon in mouth.  lol.  It was such a cute idea as refreshments.  Very clever. 

At the parties, I set up the skirts I pre made so that people can see some color options and try on for size.  Then they have the opportunity to hop on my computer or ipad and look at all the fabric options from the shop I purchase from.  That is what takes a long time.  People get so excited about all the wonderful options its so hard to decide.  That is why I offer discounts with the more you buy.  It is fun.  They fill out an order form, and make payment.  I order up everything right there before I leave so nothing sells out in the meantime... and trust me I have had fabric sell out over night and have had to have customers choose new fabric. 
I have been so blessed to have people want to do parties.  I don't push it very much with people.  I just kindly remind everyone through the various social media that I do them.  Then they call me.  After people see how awesome they are, they want to throw a party so they can get a free skirt.  I also do raffles for a free skirt for everyone that purchases.  I love it and I am so glad I have followers and customers like you.  Thanks for all your support!!!!!








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