Sunday, February 23, 2014

The big step

Ok people I am
Facing quite the dilemma here. I have been so blessed from etsy but from all my sales each month I'm paying over $150/month in fees. What?! Seriously. I need to know. Who has made the change to big cartel and would you take the plunge. Everything is telling me to go for it but change is scary. Help!

Here are a few facts about both.
Etsy is $0.20 a listing then 3.5% of that sale
Big Cartel is one monthly fee depending on what you need $0, $10 or $20 various stipulations and customizable depending on what price range
Etsy has a great search so people can find a specific product, but can be lost amongst all the other sellers that sell similar items.
Big cartel is not a search site like etsy. You need to have a name for yourself. That is what I'm worried and excited about. I get plenty of traffic from Pinterest and Facebook and Instagram and people heading. Directly to my shop that I think the transition will be fine
Etsy is not customizable in your shop appearance
Big Cartel is completely customiAble. I love that idea. :).
Ok now it's your turn. Have you shopped from big cartel shop or do you have one? Let me know

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