Saturday, March 8, 2014

The American Dream

Wow!  I can't believe how MIA I have been from blogging.  So many things have been going on that I wasn't anticipating at the new year and every day my mind is in a million places.  I am so excited to share with you what will be happening with me and my shop in the near future.
First things first, I went ahead and opened a couple of new shops, to see if I could cut down on all the fees I am paying monthly over on ETSY.  Have you checked them out yet?  I opened a Big Cartel site and a Storenvy.  Both using Bellapia Clothing as my brand still. 
As you may know, I have hired my friend to sew for me.  She has been such a life saver in the past getting ready for various shows and such, but this year she has been more of help than she realizes.  I am trying to bring her on to more of my business than just sewing.  She will be a regular on my blog featuring posts about fashion, home décor, and various tips and tricks for your favorite things. 
Next, I have been doing a good amount of Maxi skirt parties.  They are so much fun and I love getting out and mingling with ladies.  I love picking out wild and fun new fabrics and making that custom order.  I want everyone to look and feel fabulous while supporting a USA small business. 
  Then there is spring/summer here in AZ.  We have been experiencing the famous 75-80 degree weather here in Phoenix and so that means I have had to get a hustling on spring designs for the shop.  I have always been horrible at planning collections and drop dates and such, but I have been learning a ton since watching my new fav, Shark Tank.  My weakness is picking out fabric.  How do I settle for just a few?  Also, which items should I focus on? I love making everything.  That's when it gets crazy busy up in here and the messy bun on top of my head makes and appearance way to often. 
Alas, though I am happy, excited, confused, anxious and determined like I have never been before.  Today I invited another good friend over who has been a great support to my business.  She suggested a while ago to me that I should do some type of event promoting my business and inviting people to come for an evening of food and fun while asking for their social media help in supporting my small but growing business.  Today as we sat and talked, I could just see her wheels turning.  She had to many great ideas and themes.  We picked a them and jotted down some notes.  I will be doing a small runway show, featuring what Bellapia has to offer for babies, kids and women.  Oh man I can't wait. 
I want to thank you all for supporting me.  I encourage you to support small businesses.  We are USA at its best living the American Dream.  You are getting great products with quality.  Yes, the prices may be a little more, but so much more worth it when you know you are putting food on someone's table and helping them refine their talents. 
Now, with out further ado (did I spell that right?lol) I invite you to enjoy my new products. 

How are you living the American Dream?

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