Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Little White Dress

This sweet little girl...ooooh she just makes me smile.  My other one does too of course, but it is this age!  20month.  She can ask me for whatever she want when she has pigtales in her hair.  Seriously...look at her.

So for this family Photo session i made white dresses for the girls.  I want to share with you what I did.  It was quite simple.

Two peices of white cotton the same size.  Roughly 19 x 20 inches.  This is for a dress that will fit for a couple years. 

cut little half circles for the arm pits.  Measure an existing dress.

 with right sides together, sew up the side seams, adding a side tag if desired, stopping at the armpits.  Serge or zig zag the armits seperatly.

 Fold the armpits 1/2 inch and press

 Sew that seam down.

 gather/ruffle the front and back of the dress at the collar area.  Use your gathering foot or use this method found HERE. (Thanks Disney from Ruffles and Stuff)

 now cut two peices for Bias tape 3x5 inches

 fold each edge 1/4-1/2 inch and press, then fold in half and press.

 place your ruffled collar inside the fold and pin.

 then do a top stitch right close to edge all the way around.  Repeat this step for both the front and back of the dress.  This holds in the gather/ruffle and gives a neat finish to the collar.

 Now measure your daughter for the straps.  This is roughly 4 inches for me when finished.

 press and fold in half and sew them to the dress.

 Finishe by doing a 1 inch hem at the bottom of the dress.  I serged, then folded, pressed and sewed.

 cute and simple right?  Here are some good ideas for fabric.  Old Vintage Pillowcases.  They are the perfect size for these dresses and often you can purchase those at thrift stores for pennies!!

 these are my angels.

sporting BNNB.  That is the sweetest scene.  They are following a bunny that was hopping around.  They'll pick animals for princesses anyday.



  1. So cute Tricia! Your girls are adorable!!

    One of these days I am going to do one of your great tutorials!

    Have you listed them all together, yet? I'm going to take a look. :)


  2. I love it! One day my baby will sleep long enough for me to get through my ever growing to-do list! I've pinned this one ;) Thanks for sharing :)