Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Tip of the Iceberg

What a flippen week.  I am not a real complainer, but it is kind of weird how this week just totally went in a tornado and was spit out in all sorts of messes.  Luckily I can shrug my shoulders after being sad for a moment and know that I must move on...I have to. 
I am glad I am not a dweller when it comes to bad things happening.  I have to move on and be positive and know that it all happened for a reason.

So for kicks and giggles I am documenting all the crazy things that happened this week.

1. Someone, as  you all know, hacked into my craft blog and posted crzy things.  It scared me, worried me and pissed me off.  LUCKILY the content of the posts were only about weight loss, hair loss and today's, woodworking.  HUH!!

2.  My pregnancy just went from a normal, discomfort to a WHOLE other level of ridiculousness and pain, when I spent 2 whole days by myself taking care of the kids while honey was on a scout campout.  picking up toys, making beds, picking up dog poop, yelling, bathing the girls.  Not fun when your in constant pain from  ooooh  having no relief with help was horrible.  LUCKILY I realized how much my honey DOES help me around the house.  Thanks sweetie!!

4.  my little Bella Rose drinking 3/4 bottle of Children's Tylenol and having poison Control me she could be toxic and rushing to the ER.  Not my finest parenting moment.  I was so mad at myself that i let it happen by leaving the lid off while I nursed my other child with a dose for her headache.  I had to leave the room while they strapped her down to get an iv in..that sucked.  LUCKILY the staff what amazing and she was happy while we waited for hours in the room to get test results back.  LUCKILY she was under the toxic levels and we didn't need to be transferred to Children's hospital.  We got to go home.

3.  Missing the Taylor Swift Concert.  She came to Glendale for 2 nights, Friday and Saturday.  We were ready to go Saturday and realized our tickets for Friday.  Oh well.  Can't really dwell on that one too long.  It is what it is.  LUCKILY I love my friends and no matter what happens we support each other.  Even through dumb silly mistakes. 

4.  While trying to have fun "missing" the Taylor concert we went to a movie.  HORRIBLE!  I have never been so upset over a movie.  By all means go and see the Ryan Gossling and George movie, they are wonderful and pleasant to look at, but the movie was a complete dissapointment.

5.  After changing my password on my blog numerous times it continues to get hacked.  As I have put together this new blog and spent hours linking back to my old posts and tutorials, being hacked for the final time today put me over the edge.  I had to make a decision to delete the entire blog.  Posts and all.  I tried exporting them to my computer but it didn't work.  So now I am basically starting from the beginning.  A new blog from scratch.  2 1/2 years of hard work gone. deleted.  I am sad, but LUCKILY I have amazing followers that hopefully will continue with my on my journey in this new blog and continue following my fb page.

So  Now that I have that out, PLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEE  don't forget about me.  Follow me here at bnnb crafts.

Thanks guys!!!

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  1. You poor thing :( I hope things start to look up for you! Keep your chin up! :)