Thursday, October 20, 2011

Welcome To my New Blog Baby Burp Rags

Thanks for being awesome and making the switch.  Remember to follow this blog now instead of my old one.  Remove it from your Reader as well so you don't get updates on spam hacking posts.  I am keeping it up temporarily as I transfer tutorials, but I am not sure if I can "move" them from one blog to the next without completely redoing them.  Any suggestions?  Well for now here is my first official tutorial from this blog.

Baby Burp Cloths

We will be making the white plain old gerber cloths and adding cute fabric to them!!

 Pick your fabric.  You will want to cut a strip the is slightly longer and wider than that middle section of the white burp bloth. Iron it nice and smooth.

 Fold in each edge 1/2 in and press.

 Place your fabric peice on the center of the cloth and pin around the entire cloth.  Then stitch a top stitch in place.

that is easy and a nice way to change up or cover old stains.
I made these for my soon to be coming baby Greyson!

Enjoy!  I hope that was easy!

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