Thursday, October 20, 2011

A trip to the hospital

Sweet little Bella decided to take it upon herself and spill and drink a whole bottle of Tylenol. I had taken it out to use on allisandria and left it in the counter with the lid off. ( I know you may wonder why on earth would I do that?) well because it happens. Trust me I am beating myself up over it. Especially when she has done this before. I almost didn't call poison control because last time she was fine. But I did. She sweet lady then proceeded to tell me as we were calculating what had been used previous and what had spilled and what she had ingested we came to the conclusion that she drank a toxic amount. Great. She put me on hold while she notified the emergency room to tell them I was on my way. She asked if I wanted a ambulance ms I assured her through my tears that I was okay to drive. I dropped Pia off at a dear friends and off we went. Dave was near the hospital on his way home from work so luckily he could be there with me.
They immediately got us in and started an iv on her. That was terrible. They made me leave the room as they held her down and they poked her arm. I cried. Again. So. They put her on a four hour watch because acetemenophine takes four hors to peak. They watched her levels and hooked her up to fluids. Blood result ended up in a non toxic range and the levels should only go down as the night progresses. Yay! The staff was soooo sweet to her and were tender to her little body. I can't complain about my experience but next time ( hopefully there won't be). Ill just head straight over to Phoenix children's hospital. I know it would have been more comfortable and the best ofthe best are there. So. Screw the lid on you medicine before you leave to give it to your child so your other child won't snatch it from the counter on her tippy toes and have her self a grape feat. We are so thankful she is okay. This was just the tip of a really bad week. Let's hope tomorrow is smooth and then I'll be soooooo ready for taylor swift on Saturday.
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