Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Baby Shower

So my cute friend just had her 3rd baby.  Girl, boy, and now another baby boy.  I think that every baby deserves a celebration regardless if you have already had showers with your previous babies.  So I offered a dinner party celebration with a few of her friends.  It was so fun planning every little detail.  I chose the colors after her nursery theme of red and light blue.  Here is a little bit of what I did.  Sorry the pictures are so bad, photo taking at night time with an "ok" camera.  Someday....I'll get a nicer one.

 Party favors:  Lockets with red/blue glass beads on a pretty ribbon

 Food display...went to the dollar store and found those blue goblet/champaign glasses.  They were perfect for the candy. 
  The raspberry and blueberry water added color and a little flavor.

I printed the menus with the guests names as their sitting arrangment/ name card on their plates.  Simply safety pinned together.  Simple and sweet.

I hope some of these spark a little idea or two for your next party.  Its always fun pinning party ideas that inspire new ones! 


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