Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holiday House Success

As I have mentioned before, I participated in an awesome,2 day craft bazaar extravaganza.  It was amazing!  For the last 2 months I have been preparing articles to showcase at my booth.  My cute friend, Brittany, from Paisley Lace and Pearls (  helped me out with my booth.  Decorating for this kind of thing is not really my style, nor am I good at it.  I had a few of the things that were my idea, but I then let her go and run with it and take creative control of the situation.  She shared my booth with me and showcased her pretty little crocheted cuff bracelets for babies, girls, and adults along with some cute hair accessories.
We had a great time chatting away with other vendors and customers over the 2 day 20 hour event.  Some good contacts, and friends were made.  We are excited to participate again next year!  Thanks for to our friends who came and visited us there.  Its so much fun to see familiar faces when your busy at work.  Also thanks to my husband who took care of my girls for the whole two days while I worked hard to make some moola.  All in all this was very successful and the best show I've done thus far.  Thanks Arlena and Katie for opening your home and talents and putting this great event together!  What a great start to this years holiday season!

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